Sen. Ted Cruz ditches the mask

The vaccine was promised to the American public as a way to return to normal.  It has become clear, though, that leftists, from the Biden administration to Fauci to every media talking head, do not want a return to normal.  They like seeing people's individuality erased and, most importantly, to see them fearful, for fear feeds into government control.  That may explain why the entire leftist media establishment collapsed in a collective fainting fit when Ted Cruz announced that, like Sen. Rand Paul before him, he is done with the masks.

The Hill, which is a leftist outlet dedicated to news about Congress, started off with a straight quote from Cruz about his plan and the reasons behind it (emphasis added):

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Thursday that he will no longer be wearing a mask at the Capitol since he is fully vaccinated.

"At this point I've been vaccinated. Everybody working in the Senate has been vaccinated," Cruz told CNN. "CDC has said in small groups, particularly with people who were vaccinated, don't need to wear masks."

Cruz's totally logical take on the matter did not comfort The Hill.  In the very next paragraph, it reminded readers that the CDC says vaccinated people should still wear masks "in large groups of people."  But, as the highlighted language shows, Cruz had been specific that he was talking about go mask-free in "small groups."

To normal people, Cruz's position makes eminent sense and is a harbinger of a return to an America in which you can see people smile.  Nothing about our mainstream media, though, is normal.  For example, HuffPo pulled the same trick that The Hill did, by talking about the CDC's recommendations for large groups when Cruz clearly spoke about small ones:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) now says he will quit wearing a mask on the Senate floor, even though the CDC recommends even fully vaccinated people continue wearing them.

— HuffPost (@HuffPost) April 16, 2021

CNN did the same thing, which was to pretend that the CDC's continuing mask recommendation is a blanket recommendation, rather than one that excludes small groups (which is what Cruz had said):

Sen. Ted Cruz joins Sen. Rand Paul in no longer wearing a face mask despite CDC recommendations

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 16, 2021

Then there was CNN's own Chris Cuomo, brother to Andrew Cuomo.  Chris caught COVID early in the pandemic and lied to the world about keeping a strict quarantine.  In fact, he was out and about, unmasked, while he was pretending to be locked in his basement.  Cuomo's employer, CNN, denied this charge, only to have Cuomo go on a radio show and call the man who caught him a "jackass, loser, fat-tire biker."

Keep all that in mind as you watch Cuomo lambaste Cruz for his decision now that he's vaccinated:

Chris Cuomo tried to "shame" Sen. @tedcruz for not wearing a mask despite being vaccinated... and despite Cuomo being caught multiple times doing the exact same thing.

— MediaResearchCenter (@theMRC) April 17, 2021

Cruz, who has learned the Trumpian art of punching back twice as hard, scored a knockout with his comeback:

Hey Chris — did your bother [sic] “believe in science” when he sent Covid-positive patients into nursing homes, killed tens of thousands of New Yorkers & then repeatedly lied about it??

Oh, I forgot, CNN won’t cover that....

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) April 16, 2021

It can't be said often enough: the leftists in politics and in the media keep moving the bar because they like a subdued, de-personalized, frightened population.  When our will is broken, we're easy to control.

And here's a little more wisdom: the left is terrified of death.  Its constantly stated goal is to use control to bring complete safety.  But there is no such thing as complete safety.  There are only balancing acts.  And ironically, every leftist initiative for complete safety brings about or risks more deaths.

If you grab guns to prevent the 30,000 or so annual gun deaths, you prevent the 500,000 to 2 million annual defensive uses of guns.  And if you lock everyone up and mask him to prevent COVID's spread, you destroy people's immune systems and the economy, while increasing drug overdoses, suicides, and all sorts of sicknesses.

In a word, the left is imbalanced, and the mask kerfuffle shows it clearly.

Image: Ted Cruz ditches the mask.  YouTube screen grab.

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