Trumpism without Trump: Working class deserting Labor Party in Australia

A global political realignment is underway, detaching workers from the Marxist left that ostensibly was created to serve their interests.  Delusional leftists who have demonized Donald Trump for the last five years are wrong if they think installing Joe Biden/Kamala Harris in the White House will stem the political realignment that has brought millions of working-class Americans into the Republican Party.  They may believe that Trump hypnotized former members of the Democrats' base into supporting more conservative and nationalist policies, but it is becoming clear that Trump recognized forces at work globally driving those who work with their hands away from the Marxist left, and brilliantly captured their support well before the progressives realized what was going on.  Trump didn't create the schism between Marxists and the working class their ideology was founded to serve (purportedly); he understood and acted on that split before anyone else did.

We see evidence of this Down Under.  Joe Hildebrand writes for

Working-class Australians — the very foundation of the Labor Party — are abandoning the ALP in droves because they think the party has been overrun by "woke ideals" and "white-collar university educated yuppies".

Private research commissioned by the NSW Electrical Trades Union — which was itself just taken over by the Left this week — has found a quarter of union members surveyed no longer vote Labor and a further 35 per cent reported decreasing support for the party.

Incredibly, almost one in five said the Liberal party better represented working people.

Note: The Liberal Party of Australia is actually the conservative party there.

The study sponsored by the Aussie trade union found that the left's new preoccupation with extreme issues around race, sex, global warming climate change climate emergency, and other fringe extremist concerns are what is driving away the union members:

It found an astonishing number of blue-collar workers – proud union members no less – are abandoning the party because of its perceived preoccupation with fringe issues that have no relevance to them. (snip)

"The party is seen to have drifted away from issues most important to participants (job security, wages and rights at work), in favour of 'woke ideals' – i.e. the issues of inner-city marginal seat voters – at their expense. Labor has lost its purpose."

The survey found 42 per cent of union members saw "gender issues" as the biggest distraction to what government should really be focusing on, followed by climate change at 34 per cent.

I cannot speak to the Labor Party's ability to deal with these issues, but it is increasingly clear to me that our own Democrat party is now hostage to its militant left wing, who are able to mobilize young, brainwashed extremists (like AOC)  and violent street thugs, willing and able to attack not just Republicans and conservatives, but traditional Democrat leaders.  The left now holds the allegiance of roughly a third of the electorate.  That is not enough to win elections, so leftists depend on inertia to keep Blacks, Hispanics, and union members voting their way.  If the GOP is energetic enough and able to identify candidates who appeal to this base, electoral success beckons in 2022 and 2024.

The GOP needs a solid victory, taking the White House and Congress in 2024, and then needs to launch a thorough housecleaning and reconstruction of education, which is the cancer that has indoctrinated the young into leftism.  Take inspiration from the ambitions of the left right now and be thorough and sweeping in, destroying the corrupt institutions the left has bent to its will.

Hat tip: John McMahon.

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