Racism in America: A one-way street

I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but everyone is painfully aware of the fanatical obsession with racism that's tearing this country apart.  Thanks to BLM/Marxist activists (some of whom are anti-capitalists who purchase million-dollar homes), so-called social justice warriors, and power-mad (mostly) Democrat politicians, the scarlet letter R is almost always branded on white people.  They are aided and abetted by the propagandists in the mainstream media.  But an examination of Department of Justice crime statistics, which anyone can access, paints a very different picture from what you'll hear on CNN.  Real-life experience can help as well, especially for those who have spent even a moderate amount of time in urban America. 

Brevity compels me to leave the rather easy research to the reader, but the stats are pretty glaring: interracial crime, including murder, shows a much higher per-capita occurrence of black-on-white crime than vice-versa.  But when you hear the media drone on about hate crimes, which race is almost always designated the culprit?  Whites...and the alleged victim will, in the current climate, normally be black or Asian.

Hard numbers and videos don't lie, and the opposite, though often unreported, is usually true.  Even when the media cover a high-profile inter-racial crime where the perpetrator is black, it's almost never referred to as a "hate crime."  (They did call the recent assault by a black man — a convicted murderer, no less — on an elderly Asian woman a hate crime.  It was too glaring for even the New York Times to ignore.)  It seems that blacks are normally immune to that vile charge due to hundreds of years of oppression.  "Oh, we don't excuse violent crime," the enlightened progressive will say, "but it's kind of understandable if the perpetrator's great-great-great grandparents were slaves."  Tell that to the parents of the five-year-old North Carolina boy who was executed last year by a black career criminal.  More recently, in Maryland, a respected doctor, his wife, and their two young grandchildren, all white, were murdered by a black ex-NFL player.  Was either killer tagged with the "hate crime" or "racist" moniker?  Not a chance.  There are many more examples, but you get the point. 

But the best news source (more accurately, source of knowledge) is real-life experience.  I was born and raised in a major metropolitan area.  I lived and worked in other large cities during my many decades on this planet.  I've dealt in many ways with "people of color," blacks more often than the other races combined.  I've been to job sites, sporting events, night clubs, restaurants, and neighborhoods where I was very much in the minority.  I was normally treated pretty well, once the initial surprise at my presence had subsided.  But there were times when I was insulted and harassed...and a couple of occasions where mild intimidation was attempted. But I survived...and I learned.  One of the things I learned was this: had I treated blacks the way they (occasionally) treated me, I would have been branded an outright racist.  

Conversely, during all the years I lived in metropolitan areas, I never once watched a white person insult, threaten, intimidate, or assault a "person of color," especially blacks.  Don't misunderstand — I know it happens.  But after studying the actual numbers, and from good old real-life experience, I know that systemic racism doesn't exist — not in the current context, anyway.  Most whites, especially white liberals from the suburbs, will bend over backwards to show how non-racist they are.  (That can be condescending, but it makes them feel good.)  Most of them don't know any real racists or white supremacists and probably wonder where in the heck they're all hiding.  But MSNBC and the Critical Race Theory class they had at work told them otherwise, so it must be true.  Sadly, they've lost touch with reality and have accepted the outright propaganda being pounded into them.  Even though they don't think they have a racist bone in their body...well...they must...because...well...they're white!  Talk about racism!

Yes, there is a form of systemic racism in this country: an all-out assault on whiteness, mainly perpetrated by the CRT lunatics, the Democrat/Marxists, and the dullards in the media. Racism in America is a one-way street, and we're driving in the wrong direction.  We'd better get our figurative vehicle moving in the right direction, or we're bound to have a fatal head-on collision!

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