Protect and serve: Why take that risk in 2021?

If you have watched the news for the past ten months, you know that the Democrats have done everything in their power to put police in the crosshairs.  Whether physically attacking police, prosecuting them in ways unrelated to the facts, or defunding them, Democrat-run communities are making it extraordinarily difficult for police, not just to do their job, but to stay alive and out of prison.  So one has to ask those in the force or contemplating joining the force: why take that risk in 2021?

No matter what your political persuasion, I think the sheer logic behind this question would force anyone to admit it's a risk not worth taking.  If you are a Caucasian (or Hispanic — think George Zimmerman), why would you ever take the personal risk of becoming a police officer in one of our major cities?

If you are in a situation where it appears a suspect "of color" might be about to shoot you (and that determination may necessitate a less than 1.5-second decision), you have two interesting choices: 1) take the bullet and provide a nice pension for your spouse and kids; 2) fire first, possibly thereby saving your or your partner's life, but possibly ending your career, facing interminable legal actions that will impoverish your family, making your family a target for our benighted woke warriors in black masks, and possibly going to prison.

It's a tough choice.  And we routinely see in videos of police interactions with those resisting arrest or directly attacking them, you may have less than two seconds to make it.

So why exactly would any Caucasian or Hispanic wish to put on a badge in any U.S. city?  To protect and serve?  To borrow a famous phrase of an NFL player of some years back, "For whom, for what?"

In a moral philosophy sense, do you have a greater responsibility to your community and your oath than 6to your own family?  Or if you're just in it for the income/pension, aren't there a slew of other civil service jobs that would suffice?  Even garbage-collector seems preferable, given the risks here.

One of our recent presidents was a strong advocate of a national police force.  Most Western countries have local police forces — which sometimes can or can't be pushed aside by a national agency like the FBI.  That past president's wish was to essentially have all policing run out of Washington (for clarity, Hitler did so out of Berlin, Stalin out of Moscow).  Since he quite recently held that we need to "reimagine" policing in the U.S., it seems the thought still crosses his mind.

But back to the strongly dissuasive environment that the national media and other leftism has created for police recruitment.  If I wanted to create a national — almost paramilitary — police force, I would first thoroughly demoralize the existing police forces throughout America to the point where they simply quit.  That is the likely endgame.  Then you simply call up your local BLM chapter or Antifa affiliate and report that there are a good many vacancies to fill.

At that point, you have one of the final puzzle pieces that the left has been missing here — control of policing and enforcement.  After all, you can't have a police state without the police.  And you most definitely can't have the police opposing your goals!  For example, when churches or unfriendly media offices are being attacked at your behest, you can't have the police interfering!  The same is true when unenlightened (unwoke) people's homes are being attacked, their cars vandalized, or their businesses looted!

So it was that in Minnesota the other day, when a Black city manager came out and said a White (female) cop deserved due process, and was promptly fired for his efforts, the chill that firing sent out across police forces and local jurisdictions across the U.S. was quite real.  And intentional.

With that, folks, we now begin the eighth inning of the takedown (transformation) of the United States.  Wish your children and grandchildren good luck.  They will desperately need it.

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