Migrants are Islam's 'eye' on the West

Not only are Muslims living in the West supposed to hate their "infidel" host nations and neighbors, but they are supposed to spy on them by serving as Islam's "eye" on the West.

As discussed here, numerous online fatwas — that is, decrees written by authoritative Muslim scholars (ulema), appearing on respected Islamic websites — insist that Islamic law (sharia) requires Muslims living in the West to maintain "enmity and hatred" for their new homeland and its inhabitants.  This applies equally to migrant refugees; they are duty-bound to hate and be disloyal to those nations welcoming them in and providing them with free food, shelter, and health care — so say the learned sheikhs of Islam.

Another fatwa, authored by the late Sheikh Muhammad ibn al-Uthaymeen — deemed a "giant of conservative Islam" — offers more precise, and disturbing, conditions for any Muslim who lives in the West. 

Published by the well regarded Muslim website IslamWay.net, and titled in translation (all translations in this article my own) "What Is the Ruling for Living in the Lands of Infidels," it, too, states that, along with "preserving and upholding his Islam," the "first condition" for any Muslim who lives among non-Muslims is that he has "enmity and hatred for the infidels, staying far from their loyalty and love — for loyalty and love for them contradicts the faith."

Next the fatwa states the first reason any Muslim should ever willingly move to the West:  to wage jihad — which belongs in the "lands of the infidels" — but in this case, by way of da'wa, or proselytizing.  In the words of the fatwa:

He resides to call [da'wa] and entice [non-Muslims] to Islam, for this is a form of jihad, which is a communal obligation for those capable of it[.] ... [Moreover] da'wa to Islam is one of the obligations of the religion.

In other words, just as violent jihad is meant to bring infidels under Muslim rule, so too is da'wa a form of jihad, as it too brings infidels under Muslim rule (albeit willingly, and therefore at a much lower success rate than the sure and preferable method of violent jihad).

To spy on non-Muslims is the second reason given to legitimize Muslims living in the West:

He resides [there] to study the conditions of the infidels and to learn what they are about concerning their corruption of doctrine, false worship, loose morals, and chaotic condition.  [Then] he warns the [Muslim] people against being deceived by them and shows to their admirers the truth of their condition.  This sort of residency is another form of jihad ... for the corruption of the infidels is evidence of the righteousness of Islam.

Then comes this:

Such a one lives in the lands of the infidels to be an eye for the Muslims. 

The fatwa continues by saying that Muhammad himself promoted installing spies among non-Muslims.  It cites the battle of the Trench, when the prophet sent a Muslim man (Hudhaifa bin al-Yaman) to feign friendship to and dwell among their infidel enemies, while reporting back and exposing their true condition to Muhammad — sensitive information that enabled the prophet eventually to subjugate them.

At any rate, such is what Muslims are being openly taught (at least in Arabic and other Islamic languages).  Rather than giving something back to those Western nations taking them in and providing them with free benefits — even by simply being good and law-abiding citizens — Muslims willingly residing in the West are exhorted to hate, disavow, cajole, and spy on their benefactors, always for Islam's benefit.

Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that the same big-tech companies that are busy censoring whoever contradicts their approved narrative have no problem giving a platform for such hate-filled and subversive talk to spread.  Apple, as one example, offers an app for IslamWay — this website that calls on Muslims to hate and spy on non-Muslims.  And why not, since few in the West can decipher the Arabic, even as millions of Muslims are radicalized by it?

Raymond Ibrahim, author of Sword and Scimitar, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a Judith Rosen Friedman Fellow at the Middle East Forum, and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute.

Image: Fulvio Spada.

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