Kamala Harris, the missing czar

After Kamala got surprised (it seemed) by Joe's announcement that she was taking over the "crisis" at the southern border, she has made herself almost invisible in the administration — at least in relation to anything that has to do with the mess farther south.

Various pundits have waxed political and psychological in trying to figure out why Kamala has not yet made a trip to the border with Mexico and has said precious little about the emergency she is purportedly overseeing other than indicating that she's studying the root causes...which, of course, take a very long time to resolve.

Generally, the interpretations go along the line that the border crisis is a lose-lose proposition for anyone in Washington, D.C., who will surely get tainted by an out-of-control mess that nobody can unravel satisfactorily, at least not without returning to Trump-type solutions, which would be far worse for a left-wing Democrat than actually resolving the havoc.

But we have thought of yet another reason that has to be on Kamala's mind as she makes herself almost invisible.  Our studied interpretation is nothing more than an educated guess, but it has its roots in real history.  And it has much to do with Kamala rejecting the title of czar as she goes missing on the border.

Now, we have noticed that Kamala doesn't seem to have a broad sense of history, other than a few quotes from famous women in the past and her own declaration that, along with Biden, "we have a chance to change the course of history."

We will be somewhat forgiving of Kamala for not being a deep student of history and mostly being concerned with the "future" of it, but she must have in the back of her mind one story from the annals of recent political history that's warning her to tread with the utmost caution.

Joe has tried to make Kamala the new czar of the border crisis.  Right there is the narrative that has to have Kamala shaking in her boots.  As the most left-wing senator, who managed to make Marxist Bernie look almost moderate, Kamala has to have, at the very least, a practical sense of left-wing history.

The future changes that Kamala deeply desires have shades of the Bolshevik revolution over a hundred years ago that really did change that future, when the forces of progress assaulted the Winter Palace and replaced a moderate regime with a nightmare that would last for well over seventy years.  The czar and his minions had already been sidelined by the larger forces of change when the Bolshevik takeover went down.  And this is the unspoken secret: Kamala has to know that in the progressive world, there is no room for czars.

Czars get overthrown, czars lose their power, and some even get shot full of holes in basements.  That's not an encouraging prospect for someone who wants to change history...not be replaced by it.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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