Alan Dershowitz's vain hope for Derek Chauvin

Alan Dershowitz, writing at the Gatestone Institute, says, "The Minnesota appellate courts might not reverse the conviction [of Derek Chauvin] but the United States Supreme Court well might, as they have done in other cases involving jury intimidation."  This famed Harvard law professor and other thinkers have a long list of sound legal reasons why the Supreme Court could be Chauvin's salvation.

But anyone who saw the Supreme Court shamefully duck and hide from the massive election fraud of 2020 knows this is a vain hope.  If the legitimacy of a presidential election couldn't bring the Supreme Court to its legal senses, then the fate of one (White) man surely won't.

This is especially true in Chauvin's case because the mob demanding this former Minneapolis policeman's head has demonstrated that (1) it is highly prone to violence and (2) it has the tacit if not direct backing of the media and Democrat leaders.  The Supreme Court is unlikely to rule against the vital interests of either the ruling class or the Democrat party's anti-conservative street thugs, irrespective of the law and due process.

As is true for anyone in America charged with a crime, Derek Chauvin was entitled to a fair trial.  He did not get that in the courtroom of Judge Peter Cahill.  It is highly unlikely he'll get a fair hearing on appeal.  Instead, Chauvin must be viewed as a sacrifice to the hateful and vengeful gods of social justice and political correctness.

Many weak-kneed conservatives will rationalize that the excessive punishment coming Chauvin's way is worth the price to pay to avoid nationwide riots.  But of course, neither they nor any of their family members are paying that price.  Chauvin is.  Such is the sorry state of America today.

To the left, Derek Chauvin is a godsend.  His conviction will be used to further cow the police and middle-class society to acquiesce to the dictates of what is termed "social justice."

This is how new rules of the game are established.  Either you shut up and keep quiet or, to one degree or another, you could find yourself being mau-maued and perhaps even in Derek Chauvin's shoes.  You may not face prison, but you could have your job threatened or have your family intimated or otherwise coerced into silence.  To ratchet up the Chauvin conviction, the left is surely scanning the news for the next sacrificial victim.  It may already have found one in Columbus, Ohio.

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