Joe Biden's climate summit attracts...200 YouTube viewers

Joe Biden's director for intelligence just declared climate to be front and center of American foreign policy

Biden himself calls climate "the existential crisis of our time."

And with Biden's big climate summit featuring top world leaders as it played live, with all its fancy Zoom graphics and summit pageantry, how many viewers did he draw?

That's some existential crisis of our time that you've got there, Joe, drawing that great big crowd of 200, for an event featuring China's President Xi Jinping, Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis, Greta Thunberg, plus the Davos corporate crowd, and assorted union bigs.  Whole lot of virtue-signaling there, for that viewership of 200.  Sound like anyone's alarmed?  A YouTube video on washing machine repair drew 53,000 viewers.  A Georgia-based singing peasant group, complete with babushka scarves and a donkey, drew 3 million viewers.  And Joe, at least for the time he was speaking?  Probably the same 200 who attended his rallies.

Who were the 200 who sat through the YouTube to listen to pathetic Joe?  Perhaps bureaucrats who had to watch as part of the job?  Or was it the press whose unlucky denizens got stuck covering it?

Nobody's listening, because nobody likes garbage.  Even the greenie lefties who love long speeches and droning apparently didn't bother.  Polls often show that most people say they get their news and information from social media.  Social media here shows the gargantuan "fail."

Worse still, it got worse — here are more tweets from Steve Milloy, who was one of the last holdouts watching:

That's of a piece with the public's views on climate change.  In a Pew survey on the burning issues of the day among voters, climate change ranked dead last from a list of 12 topics among Trump voters, and none too important in ranking even among the lefties.  According to Pew:

Still, the share of all voters who say climate change will be very important to their vote (42%) trails behind other leading issues such as the economy (79%), health care (68%) and the coronavirus outbreak (62%).

For Biden supporters, climate change is among several high-level issue priorities this election. Although 68% say it is very important to their vote, this ranks behind majorities on issues like health care (84%), the coronavirus outbreak (82%) and racial and ethnic inequality (76%) — and about on par with the level of priority given to economic inequality (65%). Climate change ranks ahead of several other issues for Biden voters, including foreign policy and violent crime.

Even Kamala Harris seems to know this, she certainly wasn't much or any of a presence there, at least based on press reports.  She's out race-hustling, and smearing the police, because that's where the nonstop news coverage is.

Joe, along with sorry John Kerry, have this show, and nobody's watching.  Such "urgency."  Such fraud.

It's kind of like a Biden campaign stop now that one thinks of it.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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