Is this the USA?

I came upon an article yesterday about Operation Homebound, in Los Angeles County, which forcibly injects vaccines into homebound people, including the mentally disabled and those with dementia. I learned that there’s been a lot written about this program already, but it was news to me.

The article and video were beyond disturbing. I didn’t think forced vaccination would be a possibility in this country. After all, it’s barred under the Nuremberg Code. Forcing special needs girls and young women to get vaccinated, with SWAT team members holding the victims down, seems an abomination, even if their guardians have approved the procedure. Who thinks up this stuff?

I looked up Operation Homebound. Its stated purpose is to vaccinate those in need. Wisely, “out of an abundance of caution,” the program has been “on hold.” That is because it was administering the one-shot J&J vaccine, which has come under fire. I suspect the hold also resulted because the program’s strong-arm tactics were videotaped and exposed.

An LA Sheriff’s department endeavor, the website itself is a logical mess. Within its single page, it switches back and forth between talking about being a vaccination program and being a program to help the disabled in other ways. It says it was “designed to vaccinate underrepresented, homebound, and underserved disabled residents in our communities, including those experiencing homelessness.”

From vaccinations, it abruptly shifts to “welfare checks,” asking

Are you concerned about a home bound family member, neighbor or friend who is either elderly or at risk during the face of this pandemic and you live in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department jurisdiction? We can help you by conducting a welfare check.

Note that nothing is mentioned about vaccination in that section. Instead, they start talking about getting these needy people groceries, prescriptions, or other assistance, with a site visit included. These are all laudable acts but they’re jumbled into the vaccination program as if they all have equal moral weight. They don’t. Checking up on or feeding an elderly person is entirely different from injecting unwilling people with a vaccine that many still find questionable.

The home page also explains that “The LASD is working with local community-based organizations like ‘Integrated Community Collaborative’ and ‘Disability Voices United’ to connect with LA County residents most in need, go to their residences, and provide them this life-saving opportunity (to be vaccinated).”

Integrated Community Collaborative, other than an inaccessible Facebook page, seems to be a charitable organization with no assets and no stated purpose, although it does have an address. The Charity Navigator offers nothing more in the way of useful information.

Disability Voices United’s website states that it is

Disability Voices United is a statewide organization directed by and for individuals with developmental disabilities and our families, advocating for

• Choice and control

• Equity and accountability

• Meaningful outcomes

On their self-determination website, they again state:

Our goals and actions: To ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have more choice and control…

Do you catch the irony here? More choice and control, forced vaccination?

Following George Floyd’s death, the organization even put up a web page dedicated to police violence. It states:

Disability Voices United’s work is rooted in disability justice. But we cannot fight for our rights as people with disabilities and family members without recognizing that we are much more likely to face violence at the hands of law enforcement than people without disabilities. And if we are a person of color, the probability is significantly greater.

They further state, “Many of us live in fear that we or our loved ones will become a victim when encountering police.”

I realize I do trust the motives of many non-profits. I always want to see proof of their good work. People fundraise for noble-sounding purposes, asking for support from the public. If they turn around and use those funds, or lend their name, to sponsor a program that does the opposite of what they profess to be about, such as forcing vaccinations on the autistic youth they claim to want to keep safe, I daresay they speak with forked tongue. 

There is no reason to vaccinate children, who don’t get COVID as a serious illness. There is certainly no reason any human, even a developmentally disabled one, should be forced to take a vaccination that is actually a stage-three trial, with conditional approval. There is a growing list of problems from these vaccines, many of them from blood clots, and other bleeding problems — for instance, many women are reporting extreme periods, with heavy bleeding and pain.

This type of thing is not going to enhance the life of someone who struggles to understand the world, especially when it’s not necessary that they be vaccinated. Experimenting on the helpless is cruel, plain and simple, and this is nothing more than an experiment.

IMAGE: Forced vaccination. Twitter screengrab.

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