Is Joe Biden setting up Kamala Harris to fail?

Joe Biden handed Kamala Harris the job of "point person" for the border crisis on March 24, and for three weeks now, she's been AWOL.

She's an embarrassment to the Biden administration at this point, as New York Post columnist Miranda Devine notes, pointing to the growing severity of the crisis.

Joe, in fact, actually created the crisis, first by incentivizing child migration with a vow that no illegal child migrant, even one brimming with COVID, could ever be sent back, and bringing back catch-and-release for everyone else. Biden's also suspended construction of the border wall, which has turned into a gift to the human smuggling rackets. He's rescinded President Trump's Migrant Protection Protocols and diplomatic agreements with Mexico and Central America to keep illegal migration minimal. U.S. diplomats now are reduced to pleading with Central American states to hold fair elections, make themselves transparent, end corruption and respect separations of powers, all standard elements of democracy repeated to them a million times by past administrations, which neither Joe nor Kamala actually follow themselves. Not surprisingly, migrant surges have reached record levels with 180,000 apprehensions last March, including tens of thousands of children traveling alone, and the numbers have yet to peak. They're expected to hit 35,000 kids in custody by the month of June. The border crisis "is worse than you think," writes Washington Examiner columnist Byron York. Asked about it, Kamala could only giggle.

What's Kamala been doing in her new role as 'powerful' point person for the border?

News reports say she's been complaining about her home renovations, talking COVID vaccines with minority community organizers, and buying German chocolate cake in Chicago. 

Her official White House site shows even less going on. Of her claimed "priorities," the migrant crisis ranks sixth of seven, and offers only pabulum.

Her social media accounts, though, have been busy. Her Instagram shows 27 pictures and selfies of herself -- on topics such as women's history, her new glamour-shot official portrait (she shared that a lot of places), her airplane ride to Oakland, her visits to a vaccination site and a small business kitchen organization, her spiffy vice presidential paper nameplate ahead of her first cabinet meeting (hard to get more giggly at this point), her visit to a California water-treatment plant, her Easter wishes with (useless) hopes for reopening schools, her visits to COVID community centers and places of faith, and plenty of meme banalities.

Missing in action: Not one word on her role as Joe Biden's chieftain of the raging border crisis.

She seems to be ignoring the matter, because, well, she doesn't know anything. Joe put hTens of thousands of children are pouring in, with untold misery before reaching U.S. detention, and much more after. Nope, she can't be bothered, she's an Instagram influencer, after all, same as her relatives such as Meena Harris, not a policy heavyweight. She cuts ribbons. She speechifies about women's empowerment. She's symbols and appearances, not meat and substances, effectively in a ceremonial role centered on photo ops. She likes the appearance of power, but can't be bothered to do the hard work of effecting power or using power, at least not by building consensus. The Berkeley native was the farthest left member of the Senate and doesn't do compromise. 

White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki has tried to bail her out by saying she's busy "studying" the border situation maybe with books or something, but well, look at her Instagram. Harris is not studying. She's giggling and doing selfies, same as any teenaged narcissist.

The latest news: The president of El Salvador would not take a U.S. diplomatic visit. He'd been insultingly snubbed by Team Biden when he visited the U.S. last February and was returning the favor. Yet he'd be the guy to talk to about halting the border crisis, the guy to get some kind of cooperation from, but the White House didn't have time then and sure as heck doesn't have time now, especially with the top professional diplomat for the border, Roberta Jacobson fleeing the coop, and leaving Kamala at the helm. That's lovely. And sure enough, Kamala still doesn't have time, look at the ditzy posts she's made not just on her Instagram and also on Twitter. How could anyone have time to govern or even get up to speed with posting these posts her obvious priority.

Joe knew who she was and how ditzy and giggly she was when he picked her as his vice president, which is what raises some interesting questions.

Did Biden set her up to fail? If he did, he couldn't have picked a more consequential issue for her to go AWOL on.

Miranda Devine notes that the Biden staff still consider her a lightweight, and gave her that border czar position intentionally, hoping to maybe derail her, writing:

President Joe Biden knew when he appointed Harris to manage the crisis on March 24 that it was a poison chalice, which gives you a hint of the growing wariness in a relationship where the VP is referred to by insiders as “The Heiress” and Biden is regarded as incapable of serving a full term. 

The White House announced at the time that Harris would “lead our efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle . . . in stemming the migration to our southern border.” 

But two days later, when asked when she planned to go to the border, Harris responded with hysterical laughter. “Not today,” she chortled. 

I argued the same in these pages on March 25:

It's an absolutely certain failure. Naming Harris the "point person" on the Biden-created border surge such a bad idea that one almost wonders if Joe Biden did it on purpose.

Anyone expect Harris to talk tough and muscle the corrupt president of Honduras on migrants?  Somehow, I don't think so.  She's on a short runway to failure in this, and she has the grim choice of pursuing Trump's policies while at the same time blaming him, or else hoping the border surge just dies out.  How's Harris going to blame Trump and pursue his policies to stabilize the border, all at the same time?  It's plainly ridiculous.  She's clearly in over her head.

She'll be a disaster.  She knows nothing about foreign policy, and she's not about to learn.

Now let's look at the political innards as to why Joe Biden might want Kamala Harris to be exposed as a ditz and certainly fail. Why would Joe want that? 

Number one, because Harris and her partisans, are likely chomping at the bit for his job, and Joe, being addicted to power with nearly fifty years in public office, has a natural instinct to want to cling to it as well as resist dislodging from these upstarts.

Number two, because Joe got the hot potato handed to him when he was President Obama's vice president, and wants to give Kamala the same. Biden got the border czar job from Obama because Obama didn't want to be bothered and he had only contempt for Biden. Handing it to Kamala is Biden's way of payback, not being a nice guy in private.

Because Kamala, after all, is a product of the Obama machine. She had some suspicious involvement in the Chicago machine's Jussie Smollett hoax, coming up with "convenient" legislation just ahead of it, and surprise, surprise, Obama is the Chicago machine.

Obama also has had a drooly soft spot for Kamala, calling her the "best looking' California attorney general, which was the job she held at the time. He's promoted her because of her looks, and sure enough, he's been like Willie Brown for Kamala's career, sort of a political mentor, though presumably without the "dating" to use Brown's characterization.  

Biden also has been inserting Health and Human Service secretary, Xavier Becerra into the border czar picture, given that Kamala is AWOL, and guess what, the pair go way back and reportedly don't like each other. 

The whole picture seems to be one of exposing Kamala as a fool and an incompetent, the better to leave power safely in the hands of Joe. Sure, Biden has memory problems, but some things are ingrained in him and one is his will to permanent power. He's compromised (or better, sacrificed) every principle he has ever had in the past to win to this presidency, there's nothing of him left other than his will to power.

He seems to have set the perfect trap for Kamala. Being a party-gal dolt of very light brain, she fell for it.

Image: Twitter screen shot, official portrait


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