Migrant surge: Joe Biden counts on Kamala Harris to come to his rescue

Is there anyone more unfit for the job of "point person" or "leading diplomatic efforts" during the current migrant border surge than Vice President Kamala Harris?

It's an absolutely certain failure.  Naming Harris the "point person" on the Biden-created border surge such a bad idea that one almost wonders if Joe Biden did it on purpose.

After all, as the Sydney Morning Post notes in its headline: "'It will not be easy:' Biden hands Kamala Harris problem he couldn't fix."

The already failed Biden policy that triggered this current border surge is now a leading issue with the public that's eating into Biden's poll numbers.  According to a Hill-HarrisX survey, a "large majority" (76%) consider the illegal alien surge "a crisis."  A Gallup poll reports that 42 million would-be migrants from Latin America alone want entry.  A Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted in early February found that of Biden's seven least popular executive orders, five were immigration-related.  Another Politico/Morning Consult poll just a few days ago found public support for illegal alien amnesty and citizenship pathways plummeting. Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard cited a poll showing Biden's popularity has fallen below the 50% mark to 49%, based on his migration crisis. 

It's only going to go down.

The press is less friendly, too.  The New York Times ran a briefing headlined "The Democrats Immigration Problem."  The Christian Science Monitor ran a piece headlined "Biden faces no-win situation on the border."  Biden apologist Froma Harrop wrote a column called "Biden needs to talk tough on immigration — fast." 

No doubt, the illegal alien border surge a crisis for the country and, for Democrats, poison.

What better solution, then, than to fob it off onto Harris, who's already angling to take his job?  That's one possibility for sure, but that assumes that Biden is sentient.  More likely, Joe's desperate and so lost that he's doing a Hail Mary, hoping Kamala will rescue him.

She won't.

She's actually singularly unfit for this particular task.  What's her foreign policy chops?  Well, actually, none — she's always been focused on racial grievance-mongering, a topic our enemies, particularly the ChiComs, enjoy: America is racist?  Don't be lecturing us on human rights and torture until you get your house in order.  What are her other chops?  Well, shopping with the presscooking, Instagramming, media manipulationposing for Vogue in tennis shoesgiggling, being a prosecutor, and getting in front of the cameras and doing whatever it takes to get to the next job.  In the Senate, she was on the Intelligence Committee — so did she pay attention to Latin America?  Nope, she was on to the Russia hoax, the whole time, where the cameras were.  Latin America to her was a nothingburger.

When she became vice president, Politico noted that she was in for a foreign-policy "crash course," because she knew so little. Earlier on, they called her "a neophyte" and said that foreign leaders only paid attention to her because she was seen as a president-in-waiting. She didn't even know beginner's basics of diplomatic travel -- on a recent trip, she failed to salute U.S. troops going up a jet runway, probably because she didn't know. She's taken Biden's calls for foreign leaders, yes, but not the hard ones, just the friendlies, like France. Two months ago, Biden named her point person on global health and cybersecurity, neither of which involves significant diplomacy. Now he's flipped her to the border surge, where diplomacy is going matter, hoping her giggling will do the trick.

And why would she fail? Well, for starters, Kamala is trying to distance herself from all responsibility already. According to Politico:

On the call with reporters, aides made clear that Harris would not be owning the entire immigration portfolio for the administration and would be instead focused on long-term efforts in Central America.

"[Harris] is going to be focused on overseeing our diplomatic efforts, working closely with these nations to look at the issues of migration and their own enforcement on their own borders," the senior administration official said. "More broadly, though, she's going to be working to implement a long-term strategy that gets at the root causes of migration."

She's only going to be doing diplomacy and talking to foreign leaders, see, finding the root causes of illegal migration, something she won't find unless she looks to Old Joe and his dangled incentives.  Homeland Security, not she, will remain in charge of stopping the actual surge, which she's counting on to take the flak.  She's just there to talk, and maybe dole $4 billion in aid, or threaten to withhold it.  As if money in those completely corrupt foreign systems wouldn't just find its way in the hands of the consultants and elites.  Rest assured: throwing U.S. government money at the surge is not going to stop it, not with coyotes promising migrants they'll get them into the States and that Biden will not only allow them to stay, but give them free health care, education, legal services, work, welfare checks, stimulus checks, citizenship, and a panoply of freebies.  Four billion to the elites they're not going to get is not going to persuade anyone to want to stay.

Here's another problem: she's not on the same page as Joe Biden.  She was even more pro–open borders than Old Joe, whose policies started this mess.  Left-wing Vox has a list, published last August, of all the ways on the immigration front that Harris is different from Biden — and on all fronts, she's a lot mushier.  Latin American leaders are going to look at her and see her hypocrisy, asking them to police their borders, while she doesn't want them actually guarded in the U.S.  "Let Latino do it" as a policy stance, from someone who's otherwise encouraged illegal immigration even more than Old Joe, won't go over well.

If Harris wanted results, in fact, she would have to pursue the now discarded policies of Donald Trump.  Those worked; those stopped the surge.  But since Kamala has set up Homeland Security to take the fall, stopping the surge isn't on her.  She'll claim credit, and they'll take blame, and presumably, the voters will be fooled.

But it's too far gone for the Bidenites to get away with that.  The polls are now dropping.

Could Biden have done this intentionally, to take Kamala Harris down?

Well, if an argument is to be made about this, it might be that Biden himself, when he was vice president, got this job fobbed off on him by President Obama, too, who had nothing but contempt for him.  According to Politico:

Harris' new responsibility is similar to one Biden had while he was vice president. He visited the region several times as more migrants from the three countries began to make their way en masse to the U.S.-Mexico border. Those efforts were seen as largely unsuccessful, and the situation in the countries has grown even more precarious.

When asked what the president learned from that effort, Ambassador Roberta Jacobson, a special assistant to the president who previously served as the U.S. envoy to Mexico, said in a press briefing: "Both the President and all of us who worked for him on that learned a great deal. And I think that it's really important that we put that to use now. One of the things he thinks is so important is being really explicit with leadership in the countries from which migrants are coming about commitments that they need to make, because overcoming the reasons people migrate is not going to be the United States' job alone."

Unsuccessful, Politico says.  Now it's Harris's turn.

Anyone expect Harris to talk tough and muscle the corrupt president of Honduras on migrants?  Somehow, I don't think so.  She's on a short runway to failure in this, and she has the grim choice of pursuing Trump's policies while at the same time blaming him, or else hoping the border surge just dies out.  How's Harris going to blame Trump and pursue his policies to stabilize the border, all at the same time?  It's plainly ridiculous.  She's clearly in over her head.

She'll be a disaster.  She knows nothing about foreign policy, and she's not about to learn.

Image: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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