In Spain, the truth is a 'hate crime'

VOX, a populist (i.e., conservative by European standards) party in Spain, sparked a furor when it created an advertisement comparing how much Spain spends on migrant minors from Africa compared to what it spends on pensioners.  The socialist government is now investigating VOX for committing a hate crime — even though the information is accurate.

Breitbart has the story:

Spanish populist party VOX is being investigated over a campaign poster that compares monthly spending on migrant minors to monthly spending on Spanish pensioners.

The poster, which was launched ahead of the May 4th elections in Madrid, claims "A [migrant minor], €4,700 [£4,080/$5,670] per month, your grandmother, a €426 [£370/$514] pension per month" and shows a picture of an elderly woman and a young man with his face covered by a scarf and wearing a hoodie.

For those of you who are Spanish speakers, here's the tweet:

Spain's socialist government is upset because, according to Breitbart, it received "several complaints."  Apparently, under European Union rules, people are inciting actionable hatred when they point out that Spain, a poor country, is pouring money into immigrants, while its own citizens, who helped fund the system, struggle.

The report doesn't say whether these are immigrants or illegal aliens, but that really doesn't matter.  A nation should prioritize its own people — but that's not how today's socialists roll.  Whether in Europe or America, their goal is to replace educated populations with presumably docile, mostly illiterate immigrant populations.  It's the weird socialist version of better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven — and it should be actionable as treason.

The socialist Spanish government isn't the only one upset.  UNICEF and Save the Children are also upset by what they say isn't just "hate speech," but also "false news."

That bit about "false news" exposes the fact that, whether in America or Europe, leftists will parse information to turn truth into a lie.  Again, from Breitbart:

Spanish broadcaster RTVE claimed that the figures presented in the poster are false and misleading as the minor migrants are not given a cash payment of €4,700, but noted the figures did come from a study showing the total costs of migrant minors that included their housing and other expenses.

In other words, the ad was accurate insofar as it pointed out how the socialist government was distributing taxpayer money: if you're a recent arrival from another country, perhaps illegally here, the government will give you more than ten times as much as it gives one of Spain's elderly citizens who spent a lifetime paying into the system.  According to Breitbart, these Middle Eastern and African "minors" (many of whom are probably already adults) also cost French taxpayers around €4,166 ($5,030) per month.

If you're wondering where Biden is going with his open border policies, you can get an insight from what's happening in Europe.

Image: African migrants storming Spanish border, 2018.  YouTube screen grab.

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