Bill Maher, an unabashed Democrat, brutally attacks young socialists

One of the cleverest things American leftists did was to opt for incrementalism rather than revolution.  For seven decades, they slowly co-opted every American institution.  With Biden in the White House, though, they abandoned incrementalism and went for a full revolution, backed up by the threat of the military and the police state.  What they didn't foresee was that their own people would push back.  The latest one is Bill Maher, a leftist, but always an honest one, scolding socialist stupidity in a viral video.

The notion of using incremental inroads to put a nation on the path to socialism began with the Fabian Society in England, which was founded in 1884.  As Jean Webster, an American socialist who wrote the delightful, bestselling epistolary novel, Daddy Long-Legs, explained in 1912:

Hooray! I'm a Fabian.

That's a Socialist who's willing to wait. We don't want the social revolution to come to-morrow morning; it would be too upsetting. We want it to come very gradually in the distant future, when we shall all be prepared and able to sustain the shock. In the meantime we must be getting ready, by instituting industrial, educational and orphan asylum reforms.

For a long time, Fabian incrementalism — or a soft, slow revolution — was the American norm, much as Jean Webster envisioned.  Since World War II, leftists have slowly but steadily worked their way through every American institution.  The violence we saw in the streets during the Vietnam and Iraq Wars and during the first two years of the Trump presidency was street theater, not the mass bloodshed and formal armed warfare that we've seen in true socialist revolutions.

Instead, American socialists have slowly but surely effected real change in colleges, news media, entertainment, publishing, and K–12 education.  And as we've seen lately, our corporations have also been moved to the left by the Fabian revolution as college grads have successfully moved into mid- and upper-level managerial positions that were once held by people who weren't educated in the Fabian socialist tradition.  The social media and other tech giants are populated entirely by college grads or people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who were in college long enough to absorb its hard-left ethos.

Overall, it was an effective revolution.  American leftists thought they had sealed the deal.  That changed when those darn Bible-clinging, gun-toting, flag-saluting, nuclear family–loving Americans went and elected Trump.  Despite the leftists' best efforts through politics, bureaucracy, and technology to stop Trump, he was still able to set the revolution back a few years.

Having weaponized COVID to regain the White House and Congress in 2020, the Democrats were done with incrementalism.  They simply couldn't take a risk of another failed Democrat election.

This time, the Democrats are going full steam ahead with the revolution: flush with the success of BLM and Antifa (the Democrats' paramilitary wings), they now own politics, the bureaucracy, technology, and the corporate world.  In addition, their police state and military actions since January 6 have made it clear that they'll use force to achieve their goals.  So what's going to stop them?

It turns out that the less revolutionary members of their own party might be the problem.  They were onboard with Fabianism but full revolution...not so much.  Yesterday, I wrote about the battles brewing against Critical Race Theory in New York's most elite, leftist schools, a battle that public school parents are picking up, too.

The latest renegade is Bill Maher, who savagely attacked the Democrats' socialist revolution.  The monologue comes with a language warning, but the content is completely worth it:

There's a locomotive slowly, slowly picking up steam here.  And don't forget that, despite nonstop media propaganda promoting every breath Biden drew, the only presidents he beats for 100-day popularity are the ones who were on the receiving end of nonstop negative press — Trump and Ford.  In other words, there is pent up anger against this phase of the revolution.

Remember, too, that if we're to capitalize on the pushback, we conservatives need to be happy warriors.  Fear is a powerful motivator, but, as people begin to realize that they were manipulated, we need to be ready to greet them with the promise of a bright American future.

Image: Bill Maher.  Twitter screen grab.

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