In Minnesota, attacks on police are escalating in ugly ways

We learned yesterday that Daunte Wright's death in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota occurred after Wright wildly fought off the arresting officers, only to have an officer mistake her gun for her taser.  The complete absence of information about Wright's cause of death didn't stop the usual suspects from going to war against their own community, looting and destroying property.  However, unlike last year, the escalation against the police is getting more vicious because people are being encouraged to dox police and threaten their families.

Let me break down the multiple points in that opening paragraph:

1. If you watch the graphic bodycam footage, which the police released on Monday, Wright struggled violently.  The female officer whose bodycam you're watching intended to taser him because she can be heard screaming, "Taser!  Taser!  Taser!"  And then she fired her gun.  This has happened before, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It's impossible to know whether Wright's immediate cause of death was due to stupidity, carelessness, or a pure mistake.  I can imagine myself making the same stupid mistake in the heat of the moment.  Perhaps the answer is for tasers to start being manufactured in unmistakable fluorescent colors.  Fundamentally, though, one can say that, had Wright followed the number-one rule of not resisting arrest, he'd still be alive.  Sometimes police are just evil in their cruelty or stupidity, and sometimes they are humans who are panicked or overwhelmed. 

2. BLM showed up on the scene immediately, and people started the usual looting and rioting.

3. A man with a bullhorn announced a new tactic in dealing with the police.  As you may recall, in Portland last year, federal agents, who were being brutally attacked, hid their name tags because Antifa was trying to dox them.  Black Lives Matter has now adopted the doxing approach.

In the video, the assembled crowd is told to "go to the Brooklyn Center police page, website, and go through the officers that are on duty" in order to identify each one of them.  Then, armed with that information, they are told to hunt them down on social media, capture pictures of their families, and threaten them in their homes.  Another woman fully grasps what she's being told to do:

They're not gonna understand until they start getting popped too! And their kids, and their families. Once their kids and families start getting shot and killed too, then that's when it's gonna make a difference. Period.

It's important, once again, to note that study after study shows that it's a lie that police are engaging in some sort of racist mass murder.  Almost invariably, the person killed was violently resisting arrest (including George Floyd and Daunte Wright) or actively trying to kill the police officers.

So where do those three points take us?  They take us to the fact that no person in his right mind should want to be a police officer in America today.  The risks are simply too great.  It was one thing when police officers put themselves at risk, something that tragically and horrifically goes with the job.  Now, though, they're being told that their families will die, too.  Moreover, as the Chauvin case shows, if they find themselves making a life-or-death call, or just doing ordinary things that have bad outcomes because the person they're dealing with is a drugged up, walking heart attack, they will be destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is coming for your guns.  As I've said before, once the Democrats do their work — police run out of town, law-abiding citizens disarmed — all that will be left is vigilante justice.  Frightened people, without law enforcement to protect them, and deprived of the ultimate disincentive for any criminal, will react quickly and blindly to beat or burn to death anyone they suspect of a crime.

Image: Doxing Brooklyn MN police.  Twitter screen grab.

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