Disturbing historical parallels in how the Democrat party's going lately

If we could go back in time and warn the German people of the true intentions of the Nazi Party, would it have made any difference?  Or would the German people have called us conspiracy theorists and rushed to the defense of Hitler and the Nazi Party? 

We can't go back in time, but we can study the past in an effort to avoid repeating history.  What if I told you that what happened to Germany in the 1930s is happening in America today?  That the Democrat Party aspires to seize absolute control of America in the same manner in which the Nazi Party did?  Even if I could convince you, would it change anything?  I suppose it's worth trying.

The event that sparked the Nazi Party's takeover of Germany was their version of our January 6 "insurrection."  A supposed 24-year-old communist sympathizer named Marinus van der Lubbe was arrested on the night of February 27, 1933 for setting fire to the Reichstag, the German parliament building — their citadel of liberty. 

Adolf Hitler used the incident to expel the communists from public office, censor free speech, and arrest the Nazis' political opposition.  "Communist" became synonymous with "treason."  They suspended the constitutional rights of the German people by passing the "Decree of the Reich President for the protection of the People and state."  They seized control of Germany under the guise of defending Democracy.  Sound familiar?

Following our January 6 "insurrection," the Washington Post published an opinion piece with the headline: "Democrats are faced with a choice. Protect the Filibuster or protect democracy."  Like the Nazi Party, the Democrat Party cunningly hides its totalitarianism behind the mask of defending democracy.

In the elections that followed the "Insurrection of the Reichstag" in March of 1933, the Nazi Party won 43.9% of the vote.  Despite gaining 92 seats in the German Parliament, the Nazi Party had failed to win a de facto ruling majority.  So, on March 23, 1933, Hitler proposed the "Enabling Act," also known as the "Law to Remedy the Distress of People and the Reich."  The act passed, and Germany became a dictatorship, ruled by Hitler and the Nazi regime. 

Like the Nazi Party, the Democrat Party today is not content with the White House or its slim majority in the House.  Absolute power is the Democrats' goal.  While the Senate is split 50-50, the golden goose is the Supreme Court.  Like it or not, the Supreme Court is our last remaining bulwark against the Democrat Party's totalitarian ambitions.  While many of our own justices on the Supreme Court are milquetoast at best, based on the Supreme Court's recent 5-4 decision to lift restrictions on prayer meetings in private homes, the left does not have firm control of the highest court in our land.  This frustrates the Democrat Party to no end. 

The Democrat-controlled Congress has proposed adding four activist justices to the Supreme Court.  If they pack the court, the Supreme Court will become a notary for the Democrat Party, rubber-stamping approval on any and every unconstitutional law proposed.  The Democrats will have carte blanche to overturn the 2nd Amendment and rule by fiat.  The Constitution will be rendered a worthless piece of paper, with no legal authority.

Do not be naïve and take Nancy Pelosi's recent dismissal of the proposed court-packing bill to mean they do not intend to pack the Supreme Court.  They do, and they will.  This is a strategy.  While the Biden Committee studies the issue, Democrat activists will pressure Democrat senators to support the bill.  The propagandist media will campaign to persuade their voter base that this is justified.  Biden's exploratory committee will then complete their "study" and determine that court-packing is A-OK.  Democrats will then use the approval from the "committee" as legal justification to pass the bill.

The Democrat Party will need the Supreme Court to uphold the H.R. 1 bill, should it pass.  H.R. 1, otherwise known as the "For the People Act," is unconstitutional — it would federalize elections, which is a clear violation of the Constitution, and grant the Democrat Party the unconstitutional authority to unilaterally change election laws in all 50 states.  Like the Nazi-proposed "Law to Remedy the Distress of People and the Reich," the "For the People Act" has nothing to do with the people and everything to do with ending free and fair elections, just as the Nazi bill did in Germany.

George Washington warned Americans of this happening in his Farewell Address in 1796.  He said, "One method of assault may be to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown."  This was true in Nazi Germany, and it is true in America today.  The Nazi Party couldn't win a de facto majority through elections, so the Nazis passed a bill to seize power.  The Democrat Party can't win a de facto majority through elections, so they propose H.R. 1 and packing the Supreme Court.

Frederick Douglass once said, "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."  We better tap into vast stores of endurance, because if not, we might as well say, "Heil the Democrat Party."

Drew Allen is a Texas-bred, California-based conservative author and speaker, who writes a weekly blog promoting conservative ideals at drewthomasallen.com.  Fluent in Italian, Drew has lived and worked in Italy in the fashion industry and in New York City and Los Angeles as an actor, screenwriter, and independent film producer.

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