Court-packing would be the last straw

According to news reports, the Democrats are talking court-packing again.  They plan to increase the Supreme Court to thirteen justices by adding four new ones.  This did not work well for President Roosevelt in 1937, as I recall from my history class.  Let's not forget that Roosevelt had huge majorities in the Congress as a consequence of the 1936 re-election landslide.  Today, Biden has a 50-50 Senate and a single-digit majority in the House.  In other words, show me a mandate, because I don't see it.

This is a horrible idea, but I am not sure that the Democrats will actually pull the trigger.  Let me tell you why:

First, this is a 50-50 Senate, and Senator Joe Manchin would be literally removed by West Virginia if he went along.  I'm not sure about Senator Jon Tester of Montana, but I don't think he will go along with it.  So that leaves the Democrats with 48, and that's not enough.

Second, let's force the Democrat leadership to put it to a vote.  Force every Democrat to vote "yes" or "no."  My guess is that we will see a replay of that "Green New Deal" vote, when most of them dodged the issue.

Third, "packing the court" would blow up the Union.  What incentive would Texas, for example, have to stay in the Union?  Or Montana?  Or any other state?  It would be the most destructive idea to hit the Union since 1861, and you know how that one turned out.

Maybe this is why a fellow named Biden once said, "Bonehead Idea": "Terrible, Terrible Mistake."

So far, Biden has called for a study or commission.  I think that's his way of buying time, but maybe I'm wrong.

I do know this: the left must be putting some unbelievable pressure on Democrats when they propose ideas like court-packing.  I'm guessing that those voicemail messages are getting uglier and uglier by the day.  Wonder how many Democrats will get primaried for refusing to pack the Court?

The bad news is that the Democrats are proposing such radicalism that would politicize the Judiciary and turn us into a banana republic.  The good news is that it won't happen, but tensions among Democrats will change the climate on their side of the aisle.

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