Black lives in Chicago don't much matter to Maxine Waters

A report from WLS in Chicago cited the office of the Cook County medical examiner for news that gun violence deaths reached a record 875 in 2020.  This lamentable figure apparently went without notice from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).  Certainly there has been no known report citing Rep. Waters to the effect  that there must be a confrontation with the perpetrators of black-on-black crime.  Joe Biden has not been known to issue statements opposing "systemic" violence within the black communities of urban America.

Indeed, why hasn't the Hon. Waters gone to Chicago to declare that the streets of Cook County, Illinois must be made safe again for the blacks of Chicago and that, accordingly, the law-abiding blacks of Cook County must take to the streets to ensure the same sense of security for inner-city blacks enjoyed by the white folks of suburbia?

It should be noted that of the 875 deaths by gun violence in Cook County, Illinois, in 2020, 78% of the victims were black.  The silence of Maxine Waters in response to black-on-black murders is simply astounding.

When it comes to a black's death consequent to an incident with a white policeman, Rep. Waters is all too quick to demand immediate "justice" — that is to say, a murder conviction of the white officer.  Yet there is no demand from the congresswoman for civil rights protection for blacks assaulted, shot at, killed by other blacks.

What is the ultimate nature of civil rights if not protection against termination of life by illegal violence?  Or is Rep. Waters unconcerned about the justice for urban blacks as reflected by  safety to walk urban thoroughfares?

The matter cannot be stated more starkly than this for Rep. Waters and her like-minded leftists in Congress: don't black lives matter in confrontations with other blacks, as well as with confrontations with police?  A little consistency, please!

Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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