Biden's infrastructure plan from hell

Joe Biden is trying to get through Congress a gargantuan "infrastructure" plan with a price tag of around $2 trillion.

Sounds good coming out of the seemingly benign mouth of Biden, but the infrastructure tax-and-spend idea concocted by radical Democrat beavers will be hell for every American household.

The devil is in the details.

Biden's $2-trillion wish list to build and revamp everything from roads and bridges to schools and 5G would, he said, make America more productive and effective.

The only problem with the Biden dream is that it will make everything more expensive and most Americans a lot poorer.

The one question every American needs to ask is who is going to pay for it.  The answer, my American friends, is you.

In America, the Business Roundtable, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers — all said the plan was great.

But they also all agreed that raising taxes was not the way to pay for it.  They all preferred to offload the cost into the road-, bridge-, and rail-users.  That means you, Americans.

The "user fees" these bodies are demanding mean tolls, higher gas prices, higher communication costs, and more.  And guess who will be paying these fees!  You.

If Biden is dreaming about electric vehicles, this would reduce the gas tax his government brings in as more Americans move over to electric vehicles.  The road/bridge tolls would remain, but the income from the gas pumps will shrink.  To compensate, the Democrats will raise the users' toll fees.  It's a vicious circle in which the ordinary Joe is always the one who pays, not "the Big Guy," as Hunter Biden might say.

Even as Biden pledged not to impose new taxes on households with incomes under $400,000, he was lying, unless these households don't drive.

So how will Biden fund his infrastructure bill if the business, commerce, and manufacturers' associations are not prepared to foot the bill?  I guess a corporate tax hike is one way.  And how are they going to compensate for having to give the government more of their income?  By raising prices, that's how.  And who is going to pay for that?  You are.  In the higher taxes they say they are not going to impose on you.

This is how a promise turns into a purgatory that will impoverish most households in America.  No matter — Big Government will be there to bail you out when the Democrat dream turns into a demonic nightmare.

At least you'll have nice roads and bridges to look at.

Actually, you won't.  The bulk of the money will be diverted into expensive and inefficient green new energy deals that will further increase your household energy bill.  It won't even keep you warm in winter.

Look at California and Texas and remind yourself how those folk suffered when wind turbines stopped turning when they needed them most.

Californians had blackouts and brownouts and no air-conditioning due to wind farms not having wind, while Texans froze as turbines froze in the depth of winter.

No amount of energy costs could cover the dismal reality of green energy turning sour.

Welcome to the false promise of a "Build Back Better" Biden future.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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