Biden finger-wags Texas for stadium crowding as migrant cages overfill

At a time of COVID, migrant surges, and kids-in-cages overpacked to 1,600% capacity, Joe Biden's working on his hypocrisy.

According to TMZ:

President Joe Biden just blasted the Texas Rangers for not limiting capacity at their stadium this year ... saying the decision could lead to a big spread of the coronavirus.

"I think it's a mistake," Biden told ESPN on Wednesday night. "They should listen to Dr. Fauci, the scientists and the experts. But, I think it's not responsible."

While Texas will require its fans to wear face coverings when in the stands at Rangers games this season ... the team says there won't be attempts to put a cap on the number of people that can attend.

And, with Globe Life Field having a capacity of more than 40,000 ... Biden clearly has concerns it could become a COVID-19 breeding ground.

Don Trump, Jr., on Twitter, noted the amazing irony:

Migrant facilities, in Texas, no less, have been packed to 1,600% capacity.

According to this report in National Review:

An overcrowded detention center for unaccompanied migrant children in Donna, Texas, is occupied at over 1,600 percent capacity, according to multiple reports.

Journalists were permitted into the facility for the first time on Tuesday, with pictures showing overcrowded "pods" where migrant children were held. The entire facility was designed to hold 250 migrants but currently holds over 4,100, of whom 3,400 are unaccompanied minors.

This is a lot of huffing, coughing, breathing, and getting close among illegal migrants who are overrepresented in the COVID population, according to hospitals.  Packing anyone in a room to 1,600% capacity, even without a pandemic, is ordinarily reason to call the fire marshal.  But under Joe Biden, who invited the migrants in, and incentivized them with instant benefits, somehow it's all OK as he points the finger at Texas.

COVID, in fact, is an issue among illegal border-crossers: nearly a hundred COVID cases among the migrant "girls" bused or flown from Texas to San Diego, for example, have turned up so far, with many more set to come in.  Being a COVID patient, with all the expenses associated, let alone the potential for contagion to the native population is now no barrier to illegal entry. 

In fact, the overpacked conditions at the overcrowded cages, or, as Biden says, migrant detention facilities, is in fact spreading COVID on his watch.

According to ABC News:

A startling number of unaccompanied migrant children have tested positive for COVID-19 after being transferred out of border stations, sparking concern over cramped and overcrowded facilities that may allow the virus to spread.

Customs and Border Patrol facilities at the border are severely overloaded and do not conduct their own COVID-19 testing, officials said.

Biden himself is running incentive policies for unaccompanied child migrants that are inflicting a pestilence upon the U.S. population.  It's not only triggering inhumane experiences for the migrants — the recent instance of migrant-smugglers flinging two children, ages 2 and 5, over a border wall in a remote desert part of New Mexico, leaving them there in the wilderness and sun for the Border Patrol to retrieve, is the latest instance — but also triggering a new wave of COVID into the U.S. population, rendering all the wearing of masks and social distancing and staying home from school a waste of time.

Yet here we are, with Joe Biden incentivizing illegal border crossings by handing out work papers and Social Security cards to ensure eligibility for benefits to, as this Paul Bedard report says here, yet wagging his finger at Texas over a crowding at a stadium game.

It's outrageous, not just because of the hypocrisy of the migrants, though that's the doozy.

It's also outrageous because Texans, unlike the migrants, have millions among them who have been vaccinated.  That lowers the COVID spread risk, hugely, right there.  They also have, after a year of exposure even during lockdowns, almost certainly developed some kind of herd immunity.  You don't see that in illegal migrants, because COVID arrived very late to Central America. 

And just the facts speak for themselves.  According to this report from Chuck Woolery at TruePundit:

Just over two weeks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted coronavirus mandates allowing businesses to operate at 100 percent capacity and made masks optional, the red state is still reporting decreases in cases and hospitalizations.

The governor championed his state's success in a Friday night tweet saying, "Today Texas recorded the lowest 7-day COVID positivity rate since that data began being calculated: 5.43%."

Biden should be congratulating that state on its record of success in beating COVID.  Instead, he's bullyragging the state in the interest of extending COVID lockdowns on everyone — while seeding the U.S. population with new spreading of COVID from migrants who refuse to obey U.S. immigration law.

It's almost as if he's Dr. Evil.  He's doing all he can to spread COVID while yelling at Texas for its demonstrated right to re-open after beating COVID.

Anyone going to ask him about this at his next press conference?  Don't bet money on it.  This guy's an amazing specimen of hypocrisy.

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