When it comes to racism, Biden just can't help himself

Joe Biden is now, and always has been, a man obsessed with race.  In the past decade or so, he's been trying to curb his tongue, but one of the sad facts of dementia is that it destroys the mind's ability to stay within socially acceptable parameters.  That's why it shouldn't surprise anybody that the racially obsessed Biden announced to an aerospace engineer of East Indian descent that "Indian-descent Americans are taking over the country."

During the election season, Fox News put together a helpful list of Biden's recent racist comments.  They give a context for each statement; the following are just the short versions:

September 2020: "Some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf"

May 2020: "You ain't black." 

August 2019: "Poor kids" just as bright as "white kids" 

June 2019: "The kid wearing a hoodie."

June 2019: Biden touts his work with segregationist senators 

August 2012: "Put y'all back in chains" 

February 2007: Obama is "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean"

2006: "You can't go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent" 

It's that last one — the one about store clerks having "a slight Indian accent" — that seems to have stuck in Biden's decompensating brain.  On Thursday, Biden had a call with Swati Mohan, who is NASA's guidance and controls operations lead for the impressive Mars  Perseverance rover landing.

A normal man, one without Biden's famous foot-in-mouth problem, his longstanding racial obsessions, and his diminishing mental control, would have focused on Mohan's accomplishments and what they mean for the future of science.  (To his credit, Biden did make those points in his call.)  What's noteworthy, though, is that, without a script to guide him, the first place Biden went during his conversation was to the racial issue, although he clearly meant his race-focused statement to be a high compliment.

What an honor this is. This is an incredible honor. And it's amazing. Indian — of descent — Americans are taking over the country: You; my Vice President; my speechwriter, Vinay.

(And isn't it interesting that Biden forgets that Harris's big selling point is that she's black?  To him, she's East Asian Indian.)

It's easy enough to point out Biden's serious cognitive issues and racial obsessions.  During the campaign, pointing them out mattered because they might have deterred people from thinking he was morally or mentally capable of serving as commander in chief.

Now that Biden's in office, though, slip-ups such as this one are just plain scary.  They are a reminder that, no matter how carefully his handlers try to protect him from himself (e.g., having Harris handle his foreign policy or keeping him away from press conferences and State of the Union addresses), the essential Biden can still slip through.  He is still the commander in chief and the man in charge of making nuclear decisions, and he is still the face of America.

Sally Zelikovsky brilliantly described what's going on with Biden's brain and the con that leftists are perpetrating against America.  I disagree with her only insofar as she considers Biden a victim.  Biden desperately wanted to be in the White House and must have known at some point that he was declining.  Now he's probably so far gone that he's unaware of his failings.  The real victim is America.

Image: Joe Biden.  YouTube screen grab.