Tired of losing, yet?

Conservatives are almost incapable of thinking outside the box, much less even seeing the box. But unless conservatives manage to fire their Neville Chamberlins and hire Winston Churchills, we will lose, like the British lost the American Revolution.

In fact, it is this shortcoming that is the reason why we are getting our butts kicked so profoundly. It is 75–0 in the first quarter and we don’t hold a single hill.

And yet, we are at least half the population. Unless we learn how to fight smarter, there is just no chance. David better find a slingshot fast. For this reason, I implore someone somewhere in the conservative population to hear what I am saying.

There is only one way to take back power from a system so thoroughly corrupt that the Supreme Court refused to acknowledge or rule on blatant election theft. And that is through the Constitutional referendum process. The beauty of this process is that it is not an absolute majority kind of process. It is a majority of two thirds of the states, which fortunately, is what we currently have. But unless conservatives act quickly, accelerated immigration will remove the window of opportunity. We don’t even have to concern ourselves with lost states like California, New York, Massachusetts, etc. We only have to win initiative petitions in our states.

The initiative we need to add to the Constitution would transition our current republic of representative government to a sort of parlimentary, everyone-can-vote, computer-based, apportioned-power type of system. It's a system where, instead of cheaters and crooks-take-all, every single voter has a 1/200 millionth say in how the public purse is spent and policies are only binding on a county-by-county basis.

Imagine if groups as small as a percent of the population were able to spend their 1% of the discretionary budget the way they saw fit. Just imagine.

The fact is that this proposed system is the most egalitarian system possible, it is simply true-democracy, and it is the only way a country as diverse as the United States can remain united. Unless we can figure out a way to effectively share power fairly, it will not end well. If our current cheater-take-all, criminal syndicate system is not addressed, the ongoing process of balkanization will simply proceed to its ultimate conclusion and the odds are, it won’t be pretty or peaceful.

Perhaps the strongest case for this proposal is that although it might be possible to achieve without Democrat support, it is very likely that historically liberal Democrats and even many Millennials would be strong supporters, in which case, popular majorities of 70+% are possible if not likely. If through this effort, we are able to actually unite a country as diverse as this simply by proposing the fairest power sharing-system ever conceived, not only will we be able to rid our country of its criminal political class, but we can usher in an example of how all future governments can do the same.

Image: Mohamed Hasan / Pixabay // Pixabay License

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