The leftists' arrogance will be their downfall

The left has grown drunk with power.  All subtleties have been shoved aside in favor of feeding the insatiable beast of leftists' own success.  You know all the examples — you've heard them, seen them, a hundred times over.  They're reiterated because, often, pundits offer no solutions, so they restate the obvious.

The problem for the left is that leftists have created such ugliness along their pathway to temporary power.  It's just like a homeless encampment that can't exist without creating mounds of fetid garbage.  It's inevitable, since they're circumventing the norms of society, where we do things like pay for trash pick-up.  The homeless don't pay property tax or rent or take responsibility for themselves.  Instead, they demand we take care of it all for them.

The left has preyed upon the country the same way.  They won't admit to destroying cities, businesses, or the livelihoods of citizens.  They don't have to because they control our tax money.  They suffer no consequences from their decisions, just like the homeless in the encampment.

There's an important difference, though: the homeless are mobile.  They can pick up and move to another underpass.  Our ruling class is stuck in place.  They can't just leave it all for someone else to clean up.  It will become apparent since their spending exceeds tax revenues.  Their true intentions will surface, and people, even people of the disinterested left, will be horrified.  Having the product of one's hard work in life summarily diminished, whether by wealth taxes or massive inflation, will stress everyone.  Example: The wheelbarrows of money now needed in Venezuela to buy basic necessities.

The left will leave massive amounts of incriminating evidence along the way because leftists are arrogant.  They're too smart, moving too fast for us stupid conservatives to catch up.  They think we're all so polite that we'll allow them to roll over us.  Their tech oligarchs will censor us and will act like city garbage trucks, sweeping up all the detritus, recycling it someplace far away.

Here are some examples of why this won't work:

Personally, a career as a writer was the farthest thing from my mind.  I wrote, yes, but recipes and restaurant reviews because it was fun and to enhance my businesses' reach to new clients.  I avoided politics.  Now, seeing what's going on around me, I can't still my voice.  I feel compelled to write, and I've got an archive of articles here.  I hope some of my articles have helped others see the things I see; I am doing what I can, to contribute to our country's well-being.  It's not much yet coupled with what each of us can and will do, it's a start.  Many of you are no doubt finding yourselves in new, interesting, and creative endeavors.  This is a period of awakening.

Recently, I was sent a sweet article and video about a brilliant invention.  The inventor tackled a problem, which was the lack of clean water in the slums of Chile, where people were so poor that they lived in massive encampments of shacks near the sea.  The solution is so elegant that it provides not only clean, desalinated seawater, but light inside the shacks.  All at a minimal cost.  This one small invention can change millions of lives worldwide.

Necessity is always the mother of invention.

This illustrates the glaring flaw of the left's plan.  They are selfish.  They act to consolidate their own power and to get rich.  They are, above all, power-mad rats.  They care nothing for others and do nothing to improve anyone's life, as I've mentioned with specific examples.  Because of this fact, they will fail.  They are already starting to eat their own.  Look at what's happening to the most leftward governors — Cuomo, Newsom, and soon Whitmer.

The inventiveness of the American spirit will triumph over this greed.  Elon Musk, for example, has been working on something delightfully disruptive.  It will enable the resumption of the free and uncensored internet, worldwide, better and far faster.  His Starlink is a game-changer.  Think of the possibilities when we can leave the left-beholden cable companies behind.

As a child, I asked "why?" frequently, probably more often than I should have.  "Why do I need to learn math?" was more of a complaint than a question, but the easy answer, which was to demonstrate math's utility, was never given to me as a child.

Now I still ask the "why" questions.  "Why this mess and why now?" is simple to answer: it's necessary to position us for the next leap.  I'm more excited now than I've ever been.  Personally, I need to cultivate patience and more trust in humanity.  Both are difficult, but with perspective, I think I can.  Just like in all the fairytales, good will triumph over evil.  It's just going to take some time.

Image: Scott Pressler cleaning up.  YouTube screen grab.