Our federal ruling class is disinterested in the American people

"Theirs not to reason why...theirs just to do or die."
—Alfred, Lord Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade

This awful quote refers to a communication error that sent a light brigade of 600 men to near certain death during the Battle of Balaclava in 1854.  It also reflects the attitude of the megalomaniac class currently pretending to lead us.  They care so little for the lives of the citizens of this country that they are formulating executive order policies to which, if one were to ask of any of them, "What does this do for our country's benefit?," there could be no answer.

We no longer have permission to ask such questions.  Has anyone ever asked President Biden the reasoning behind a single one of his signed orders?  Those who have real questions have been ignored, canceled, or intimidated.  His press secretary can't go from point A to point B on any questions asked her.  She either needs to "circle back" or gives an inane obfuscating answer that leaves you scratching your head.

Certainly, nobody dares to ask the president directly.  We are all aware that his answers would not be forthcoming because he has not the remotest idea what he's signing.  It's put on his desk, he reads his little note cards, and then he makes like an automaton and does the bidding of his advisers, with Kamala hovering over his shoulder like an enforcer.  The only people who get to ask him questions, if and when he makes a public appearance, are fully vetted and follow the script so he can read the answer from his teleprompter.

We watch the parade of paper in awe.  We watch with alarm as everything Trump accomplished gets erased by each swipe of a pen.  Gone are our energy independence and the sane energy policies that made us prosperous and self-sufficient.  Gone is the rule that excludes China from our grid.  Gone are the union jobs of workers who were building Keystone.  Now, if we want oil to get from Canada to our refineries, the only way is via fossil fuel–guzzling trains and trucks, both prone to disastrous accidents.  What benefit to our country there?

We watch as Biden's orders open the border, rendering helpless the agents who enforce our sovereignty.  We puzzle endlessly over policies that let every person, regardless of health or intention, enter into the country and disappear from sight until they need "services."  Yet we can't travel to visit our grandchildren.

We're told in no uncertain terms that these people will get our tax money.  We will pay for their children's education, their housing, and their health care, here in the land of milk and honey.  Never mind that our cities are filled with people who have no job, no home, no hope.  What benefit to our country there?

Before the inauguration, I worried about the fence in D.C.  I knew there was some bigger meaning than just protecting the Capitol for that single event.  I felt that it was a threat to all of us.

I've come to realize that the fence is a clear statement that the People's house excludes any but the elite, and then, only those elite who think a certain way.  The new gated community, still guarded by thousands of troops, is a very exclusive enclave.  We no longer have any rights; we've ceded them to those inside.

The slap in the face to all of us is that, except in that enclave, the floodgates to the country are open.  It's a clear message.  Our ruling class could not care less about the country and its own citizens.  There is no benefit possible from this policy.

I would like to keep the optimistic attitude that this too shall pass, that the 2022 election will change the balance of power in D.C., that the pendulum will swing.  The problem is, Democrats have shown that cheating during an election is too easily accomplished.  They will no longer have to pretend fairness.  They've already won that battle.

Now it's up to the states themselves to extricate us from the clutches of the regime.  Can they?

They'd need to revise election policies back to sane levels, cleaning the voter rolls of dead people, non-citizens, and people at mythical addresses.  They'd need to rule that the Facebook drop boxes are illegal.  They'd need to reinforce rules that make voting in person the norm.  They'd need to invest in voting equipment that can't be breached.  They'd need to put the citizens of their state first.  They need to do all that now, not sometime down the road, so that it is completed before the next election.

Perhaps the best thing any of us can do is hound every one of our state representatives to get it done.  There are some places (California, I'm betting, is one of them) where it will fall on deaf ears.  But there are, I think, enough states where it could make a profound difference to the survival of the United States of America.

Image: The Democrats' Great Wall.  YouTube screen grab.

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