So Biden is behind the stock market bounce?

A few days ago, the stock markets set records on Feb. 24, so on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, on Feb. 25, comes the following headline:

Stock Market Sets Records, Signaling Optimism for 2021

Surely the Wall Street Journal writers know that the reason the stock markets are hitting record highs is because pension funds and other investors are chasing returns.  That's because interest rates on government bonds and C.D.s are less than one percent.  Short-term rates are near zero, so these canny market players are pushing up many stocks to what I think are unsustainable levels, because they don't look to me to be supported by earnings.  The record highs have nothing to do with the supposed popularity of Biden's radical, leftist, extreme agenda.  That's a load of hooey with far savvier market explanations than the slop being reported.

For many years, the WSJ news pages have been very similar to leftist rags such as the Washington Post and the New York Times.  The talking points are the same wherever you go.

The opinion pages of the WSJ are much better, with a great deal of balance, but the news pages are like reading opinion pieces disguised as news from the AP, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, and their derivatives still planted on Facebook and Twitter.

The day after this article in the WSJ ran, there was a brain-dead piece in the Washington Post by Catherine Rampell titled "Why pro-work Republicans should support the Biden economic agenda."

So which of Biden's executive orders and agenda items gives rise to investors' optimism and should be supported by Republicans because they are pro-work?  Here's a list:

Is it when he cancels the environmentally safe Keystone XL pipeline?

Is it when he approves the pipeline from Russia to Germany?

Is it when he announces that he will destroy the oil and coal industries, putting millions of people out of work and pushing up prices, greatly harming the poor, the middle class, and small businesses that the media and other Democrats only pretend to care about?

Is it when tens of thousands of businesses will be destroyed because thousands of products are derived from crude oil?  Is it the tens of millions of jobs that are directly or indirectly related to oil, which will be destroyed?

Crude oil went up 18% in February, and I hear or read repeatedly that this is related to increased demand when it is clearly related to Biden's promise of reduced supply.  The concept is simple.

Is it because of the stagflation that will be created when prices go up and the economy slows?

Is it because we no longer will be energy dependent and that we will be greatly helping Russia and Iran?

Is it because we rejoined the Paris climate accord, which will punish the U.S. and help China, India, and other countries?

Why do so many companies who climb aboard the green energy celebrity cavalcade use stockholders' money to buy corporate jets when they will become worthless when oil is no longer used?

Is it because Biden and the Democrats want a high national minimum wage, which will cause a loss of millions of jobs and cause stagflation?

Is it because Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other big companies will be helped while small companies will be further destroyed?

Is it because job opportunities for the young, the less educated, and the old who are trying to supplement their retirement income will be greatly reduced?

Is it because rural American towns and other struggling cities will be further destroyed by the excessive minimum wage when their costs are much lower?

Should we support policies that seek to destroy the millions of jobs in the private health care industries?

Obamacare took away freedom of choice and caused prices to skyrocket, and now they want to greatly expand Obamacare, which will further contribute to stagflation and greatly harm small businesses.

On the day that the front page of the WSJ blared about optimism, they had a great opinion piece on supersizing Obamacare.

Supersizing ObamaCare Subsidies

The Covid bill hides a major expansion of the Affordable Care Act.

Should we support open borders and flooding the market with illegal aliens when so many citizens are out of work?

Should we support Biden's opening up the market for large corporations to hire more foreign workers at cheaper prices while so many Americans are out of work?

Should we support politicians who refuse to enforce immigration laws and who essentially cheered as small businesses and cities were being destroyed throughout 2020?

Should we support keeping schools and businesses closed while Congress figures out a way to give huge kickbacks to its special interest groups?

Should we support a $400 supplemental unemployment benefit per week, which will encourage millions of people not to work and further harm small businesses?

Should we support policies to destroy for-profit vocational schools?

What about massive new regulations, which greatly harm small businesses and reduce jobs?

Or higher taxes to further harm the private sector, which reduces the amount of money that flows in the private sector?

Every policy that increases regulations, increases taxes, and increases the costs of wages and benefits destroys opportunities and jobs in the private sector and encourages companies to produce or move to lower-cost countries like China.

Every policy moves toward socialism.  Every policy involves taking more money and freedom from the private sector and giving it to the greedy, powerful, leftist government.

Every policy involves making more people dependent on government instead of giving them more opportunities to move up the economic ladder.

So what gives the WSJ such optimism for 2021 and beyond, and why the heck would Republicans support Biden's economic agenda when it is purely a pro-leftist government agenda?

Catherine Rampell never wrote an article telling pro-work Democrats to support Trump's economic agenda despite its success raising wages for those at the bottom, lowering unemployment to all time lows for all races and for people at all education levels, achieving energy independence and reducing the poverty level to all-time lows.

Nope, what we saw from Rampell and almost all journalists and other Democrats, was their attempt to destroy him every day.  They continually lied by calling him a racist and dictator.

And not once have we seen anyone in the Biden administration give one piece of scientific data that shows a direct link between temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity to oil and coal consumption.

Nor have we seen any reporters from the WSJ , WaPo or anywhere else ask for the scientific data.  Instead, they will allow the economy to be destroyed based on a theory and inaccurate, manipulated computer models.

Any questions as to why the public no longer trusts the media?

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