Parallels of the pendulum and the pit

Edgar Allen Poe's classic 1842 short story, "The Pit and the Pendulum," is about a victim of the Spanish Inquisition who is imprisoned in a black dungeon with a deep pit in the middle.  It's so dark and foreboding that he must feel his way around, but he can hear the grinding of stone against stone and the swish of a large blade swinging above him.

He realizes the walls are slowly closing in, and the large, sharp pendulum that swings above is lowering in tandem with the ever-constricting walls, making his space even smaller, pushing him slowly to the edge of the pit and his demise.

His choice is to be sliced by the blade overhead or fall into the pit filled with ravenous rats.

Just as there is almost no footing left to avoid the pit, a savior named General LaSalle of the liberating army grabs his arm as he begins to fall and saves him from certain death.

Our present political situation could be represented by this story with the left as the inquisitors tightening the walls around an imprisoned America along with a relentless blade swinging over her head, cutting our laws, traditions, and history.

Our laws and rights are being ignored or cast aside.  Executive orders are the new law, a rule by edicts with no need to go through Congress, which is fenced in like a concentration camp. 

Conservatives and supporters of President Trump are being blacklisted and accused of all sorts of misdeeds while the left does as it pleases with impunity.

Certain races are considered good, while others are the source of all evil, inherently racist. 

Our children are being indoctrinated to hate their country and people and to be ashamed of our great history due to the distortions being taught.

Our citizenship is being made a mockery of as even the right to vote for our own leaders is being diluted by non-citizens, with citizenship set to be handed out cheaply and the gates open for even non-citizens to vote in our elections illegally.

It seems widespread voting fraud and cheating are considered permissible as long as they benefit the chosen party.

There's no need for legal immigration; everyone is invited to come on in, even if he is carrying COVID to spread or is otherwise infected.  It all seems to be a move to replace the current despised population.

These disparate people are uneducated and therefore easily manipulated.  Some are used to being told what to do, while others bring in a sense of entitlement.  Therefore, they are excellent choices for the new American population.

As the walls squeeze in, our rights as a free and independent country are being diminished toward a one-world government cartel, even to the point of severely harming our own interests in the process. 

How did this all happen?

We did it to ourselves in some cases by complacency and laziness — by not vetting the politicians that run for office, nor holding them accountable once they get elected. 

By never questioning how these elected officials go from almost broke to multimillionaires once in office.  By believing everything we hear on the nightly news, no matter how slanted, distorted, or untrue it may be.  By wanting all the free stuff being promised instead of having to work for it.  By not bothering to vote in person, by leaving the election system vulnerable to fraud by voter identity theft.

How did the school curriculum get so out of tune with the truth and history?  We the people complacently let it happen.  We the people are the ones who tied the hands of America and left her in the dark, dank dungeon of socialism and dirigisme at the merciless hands of the leftist inquisition by our meek acquiescence.

Who is our General LaSalle?  When will he come to rescue us?  Who will save America from the pit or the blade's lethal swath?  My hope is that it is Lady Liberty reaching her righteous hand to pull America from her demise.  It's you and me, all of us who believe in America, the United States, and all it represents.  We are liberty.  We have to unite and link hands together to pull ourselves out of this morass.

If we need a convention of states, then let's plan one.  If we need to recall corrupt politicians, then let's get started.   And we certainly do not need to re-elect backstabbing representatives who promise one thing but do another.  We should force the removal of those party leaders who do not follow our desires.  Yes, I mean you, Mitch, Liz, Eric, Nancy, and Mitt, among others, many others who must go.

It's time for term limits, voter ID, and government that works for the people.  We must ensure that America stands forever in the form the Founders created.  We are facing the enemy within that we have long been warned of that is being aided and abetted by our foreign adversaries.  They all long to carve up America and glut themselves at the feast.  It's up to us to prevent this from ever happening.  We will soon have yet another president in a person that no one wanted and a new vice president (that none voted for) once the current "president" is no longer useful to the left cartel.  Don't expect this change at the top to be an improvement.  It won't be.

If your governor is tyrannical and working against your interests, then recall him.  The same with mayors, state senators, and/or rogue attorneys general and any other scofflaws.  Don't wait for the next election cycle.  It will probably be too late by then. 

We must start to act and do it now before it is too late.  America is steadily being nudged toward that precipice.  The poison now in our veins is quite quick-acting.  It won't take as long to kill the country as it did to conceive it.  Don't ask if there's a doctor in the house; rather, be that doctor, be that General LaSalle, that hand of liberty.  Save America from the perils of the pit and the pendulum.  Start today.

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