On gender madness, don't let Canada be the future

Jordan Peterson became world-famous in 2016 because he stood up to Canada's human rights law, which made it a crime to "misgender" someone.  Since then, Canada has slid even farther into gender totalitarianism.  The latest example is a Canadian man who was sent to prison for refusing to adopt his teenage daughter's new masculine pronouns.

The father and mother were not raising the child together, so it was only when his daughter was 13 that the father learned that the girl's public school and his ex-wife had been working with the child to turn her into a boy.  This included pushing the child to take hormones to mimic male sexual attributes such as facial hair and a deep voice.

The father (who cannot be identified under Canadian law because doing so would also identify his daughter) went to court, saying he needed to give parental consent before his child was permanently mutilated.  Not only did a British Columbia court rule against him, saying the father's consent wasn't necessary, but the appellate judges also lectured him to understand gender dysphoria better.

While the father could do nothing to stop the permanent changes wrought on his daughter via hormone treatments, he steadfastly refused to refer to his daughter by masculine pronouns.  In today's Canada, under the same "human rights" laws that Peterson opposed, that is a criminal matter.  Last week, the Canadian government sent him to prison for "misgendering" his daughter:

There is a man in Canada who can only be alluded to as He Who Shall Not Be Named, the father to a child who is undergoing gender transition. For the sake of natural justice, it is important to speak this man's name. He is now the Canadian state's prisoner of conscience.

The warrant was issued by a judge for the arrest of a father after calling his biological female child his "daughter," and referring to her with the pronouns "she" and "her." The father was found to be in contempt of court.

The father is a father to a gender non-conforming biological female 16-year-old who identifies as transgender and prefers the use of male pronouns. The father has repeatedly called this person his daughter, though the court has forbade it. The transition has been underway for more than two years.

On Tuesday at 10 am Vancouver time, the father surrendered himself to the court in response to the Attorney General of British Columbia's warrant his arrest for contempt. He was the arrested and jailed. The warrant was issued by Judge Tammen on March 4, 2021.

You should read the entire article at The Post Millennial to appreciate the dystopian nightmare taking place north of us.  Rather than continuing to recount this long, depressing tale, I have two separate points to make.

First, there is no science whatsoever to support pediatric transgenderism.  This 2016 Harvard University article is a perfect example of the doubletalk masking this fact.

If you drill down into the pediatric literature, you quickly discover that the medical community has simply accepted transgenderism as a real thing and wrapped "treatments" around this assumption.  You can confirm this by checking the "transgender" articles at the American Academy of Pediatrics, the pre-eminent pediatric medical association in America.  None of the articles questions transgenderism.  Instead, they encourage surgical and hormonal interventions.

Second, you may not be surprised to learn that the girl's mother is both a psychologist and an endocrinologist.  In other words, it's likely that she pathologized the child as part of her own issues and expertise.

In 1991, when transgenderism was still treated as a mental illness, not a political matter, a study comparing mothers of boys who claimed they were transgender with mothers of boys who did not discovered something fascinating: "[f]ifty-three percent of the mothers of boys with GID compared with only 6% of controls met the diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder on the Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines or had symptoms of depression on the Beck Depression Inventory."

Although the plural of anecdote is not data, the above finding is consistent with family dynamics seen in Jeffrey Younger's fight against his ex-wife, who was determined to turn their son into a girl.  Once again, it was a situation involving a mother acting without the father's input.  Additionally, as conservative commentator Matt Walsh observed after watching HBO's documentary about allegedly transgender kids, crazy moms and weak or absent dads seem to lie at the center of many of these stories.

Don't point and laugh at the crazy Canadians.  This is where Democrats are pushing America, and it won't be funny at all when you find yourself in a cell with a big guy named Bruno because you called your son "he" or your daughter "she."

Image: Post–breast mutilation surgery by Aiden Craver on Unsplash (cropped and labeled).

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