Meghan's and Harry's weird Diana fixation

I've been hearing from friends across England and America how off-putting they found the interview that former Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had with Oprah.  (To be honest, I have no idea what names the Hollywood grifter and her husband are using now, so it's easiest to call them by their old, familiar names.)  Everyone I know found them self-centered, tone-deaf, and vicious.  However, a few people caught something else peculiar about the couple, which is the Diana fetish.

When it comes to poor Harry, the most prominent and pitiably henpecked love slave in America, he has good reason to have a Diana fetish.  For his first 12 years, his mother was arguably the most famous woman in the world.  His parents' divorce was played out across the world stage, with his mother using the media as her battle sword.

After those first 12 years, his mother was arguably the most famous dead woman in the world.  The shadow she cast across the Royal Family probably puts her up there with Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Victoria as one of the most consequential British royals in history.

And lest I sound unsympathetic to Harry, no matter how narcissistic Diana was, she was also a loving mother.  For a 12-year-old boy, not only to lose his mother to a violent car crash, but to lose her in a way that turned her death into a public orgy of grief must have been unimaginably traumatic.  It's no wonder that Diana became the filter through which he's viewed his life — and, more importantly, the filter for his romantic relationships and his relationship with The Firm — that is, the Royal Family.

Miranda Devine watched Meghan and Harry sitting in unimaginable luxury while playing the victim card (and stabbing his grandmother, the queen of England, in the back as a racist).  She found their act revolting but also caught the way in which Diana haunts Harry's psyche and his relationship with Meghan:

Meghan ensnared Harry by acting out the worst nightmare of his childhood, when his beloved mother was killed with her lover in a car crash in Paris when Harry was 12.

He was powerless to save his mother then, but he is determined to save Meghan from what she led him to believe was "history repeating itself."

"My biggest concern was history repeating itself," Harry says, holding hands with Meghan as she gazes adoringly at him, clad in a $4,700 black Armani dress and patting her pregnant belly.

"I'm just really relieved and happy to be sitting here talking to you with my wife by my side because I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like for (Diana) going through this process by herself all those years ago."

It's clear that Devine isn't making things up when she says Meghan is acting out scenes from Harry's childhood.  This tweet captures Meghan's deliberate, and extremely creepy, effort to echo Diana:

Someone caught another historic echo, one with which Meghan might not want to be identified:

At least Wallis Simpson, another American divorcée who tore apart the royal family, never badmouthed those who followed their duty and remained behind to continue the ancient institution.

The royals are an anachronism and, arguably, too pointless and expensive to continue into the 21st century.  However, with the West literally ripping itself apart with open borders for people who oppose liberty and individuality, bizarre notions about constantly mutating human biological sex, and a pre-modern obsession with race, Queen Elizabeth's stiff upper lip, which Charles finally mastered, and which William and Kate seem willing to embrace, is rather a nice antidote.  Perhaps the world needs more of them and a whole lot less of Meghan and Harry.

Image: Harry and Meghan from a YouTube screen grab.  Edited by Andrea Widburg.