Junkyard dogs of DC

We all know what a junkyard dog is.  It's not meant to be friendly, but rather to intimidate anyone thinking of breaking into the yard and stealing the junk inside.  Nancy Pelosi's junkyard dogs, sadly, are humans — National Guard troops.  Humans with homes; families; and, obviously, given they are Guardsmen, more patriotism than your average workaday young man or woman.

I find myself wondering, what is their day like?  There are about 5,000 of them, patrolling three miles of fencing; given the fence, there's probably no reason to patrol inside it, right?  Although I've read that they take breaks inside the Capitol building, from the photos I've seen, they're mostly lounging uncomfortably in stairwells and such.  Assuming they work in shifts, perhaps like most of us, they're on for eight hours at a time.  Doing the simple math, that's about 1,650 troops per shift.  I think that comes to about one guard for every ten feet of fence, around the clock.  Rain or shine.

My imagination has them pacing.  It's a rather small area, and, if they must maintain six feet of "social distancing," I'm guessing they can go a few paces in either direction, maximum.  Or maybe they just march around the perimeter all day, like some odd line dance?  I imagine they are bored to tears.  I've worked jobs that have no meaning, and the time crawls by.  This job, certainly, must have each one of them questioning why he joined up.  It's all bad food, uncomfortable downtime, and no actual work to do.  I guess the otherwise under-utilized hotels are happy to house them, to have the government paying for the rooms.

We, the American people, are continually denigrated by our so-called superiors in D.C., who maintain the careful construct of their invincibility by such force as this because they know their currently held power is immensely fragile — too fragile to withstand scrutiny, so they prop it up with troops.  Only by the combined efforts of the MSM and Big Tech are they able to keep those troops marching without a hue and cry from all of us.  Not that we are not hue-ing or crying; it's just that they can't hear us.  We've been canceled.

We all know that Nancy is keeping things together because Biden is in no better shape than Aunt Betty at the dementia care home, and rapidly becoming untenable as a figurehead.  Nancy's racing to pass every piece of anti-American junk legislation while she can and have the president augment it by signing junk executive orders such as Sunday's, which allows felons to vote.  She knows that the jig will be up soon.  Get it done at warp-speed before she can't get it done at all.

We also all know that screechy Kamala rivals smug Nancy in repulsiveness, and one day, they will have to hand her the nuclear codes currently being carefully kept from "Where Am I Joe Who?" (maybe the title of a Seuss book meme?).  They're trying to keep Joe propped up.  Perhaps Kamala scares even the far left.  They want to take that nuclear power away now, with Joe as an excuse, because they'll never trust Kamala, either.

Just wait 'til Kamala's first presidential press conference.  Just wait 'til her State of the Union speech.  She will treat us all like children, looking down on us, from her lofty perch.  Remember her charming cartoon about equity?  I've linked it a few times already.  It shows how she thinks, nakedly and blatantly displaying her Marxist philosophy.

That philosophy is counter to who we are as a country and a people.  They all know it, and, as Victor Davis Hanson so eloquently stated, we're developing antibodies against the wokeness disease.  These antibodies are developing rapidly, to the point where we will reach herd immunity, helped along by the left's blatantly denigrating and canceling our cultural icons large and small.

The Democrats are getting to the point where they're throwing caution to the wind, and the frog into the pot of hot water.  They must suspect that even H.R.1 may not be enough to stop the majority of American people from expressing their disdain at the polls in coming elections.  No wonder the D.C. Democrats feel most comfortable with an armed military to make them look important!

Image: National guard troops in D.C.  YouTube screen grab.

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