Joe Biden's mental capacity is diminishing before our eyes

The worst kept secret in Washington, D.C. is that Joe Biden is suffering from serious age-related cognitive decline.  In January, although some people predicted he would remain in office for up to two years before he was gently ushered out to make room for Kamala Harris, I looked at the man and thought he was going to be retired by June.  Lately, though, Biden looks as if he's heading for an April or May retirement.  On Monday, he had his worst public appearance yet, when he was unable to remember either the name for his secretary of defense or the Pentagon.

Anybody who's dealt with aging relatives unlucky enough to suffer from cognitive decline, whether Alzheimer's or age-related senility, recognizes what's going on with Joe Biden.  Sally Zelikovsky wrote with great compassion about what's happening in Biden's life right now:

Stress and anxiety don't cause dementia but can exacerbate a dementia patient's confusion. It can be brought on by something as mundane as a large family gathering, a change in routine, a fall, a visit to the hospital, or stress from a job.  While "sundowning" or decompensating after a family event are common fallouts from stress, the real challenge is the accumulation of stress and anxiety over time that leads to confusion and, ultimately, delusions, which, in turn, can foster increased levels of anxiety that can exacerbate the confusion experienced and result in even more delusions, and so forth and so on.  It's a hellacious cycle.

Biden's minders, including Mrs. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, are doing their best to insulate Biden from the stress.  However, his title means he must get out of the bedroom periodically and play at being president.  That effort must be wreaking havoc with Joe's tenuous grasp on memory and reality.

Dan Bongino, the former Secret Service agent, after hearing that Democrats want to remove the nuclear code from Biden's reach, told Sean Hannity that he's hearing from his sources that Biden "is in real significant trouble":


There's a reason Biden isn't doing any press conferences and that he's so far failed in his constitutional obligation to give Congress a State of the Union address.  He can't.

The latest evidence of Biden's rapid decline came on Monday, when the White House trotted him out to announce that he has nominated two women generals for 4-star combatant commands.  In short order, he forgot both the name of his secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin (who was standing at his side) and the name for the big, Pentagon-shaped building in which the American military command operates:

I want to thank the, uh, the, uh, former general, I keep calling him general, my, uh, my, uh, uh, the guy who runs that outfit over there. I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he's done….

As I noted, Sally Zelikovsky wrote from a place of great compassion.  I'm not that nice.  I have no compassion for this man, who's always been a buffoon and is now a dangerous and demented buffoon, who, while he still had some mental capacity, nevertheless allowed the greatest con ever to be run against the American people — namely, knowingly placing in the White House a man who is losing the never-more-than-marginally-competent mind he once had.  In a just world, every Democrat who knew about his sagging mental abilities would be prosecuted for fraud — and the American people would get an election do-over.

Image: Biden forgets his Secretary of Defense's name.  Twitter screen grab.

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