It’s official: Biden will finally meet the press

Joe Biden has set the record for the longest time a new president has avoided a press conference.  On Tuesday, the White House finally announced that Biden will hold a formal press nine days.  Newsmax's Greg Kelly also tweeted that the media must submit their questions in advance.  As of this writing, there is a debate about whether Kelly was making a joke or not.  It says a great deal about the state of America today that nobody can tell whether it's a joke.

It has already been 57 days since Biden entered the White House, and in that time, he has assiduously avoided freely engaging with the media.  He totters out, reads prepared statements off the Teleprompter or from note cards, occasionally assays a carefully memorized "ad lib," and then immediately walks away before the media can ask him a question.

This is proving to be a problem for the media.  Reporters aren't worth the money they're being paid if they just stand there listening to a statement that can easily be recorded.  They are supposed to be out there like Jim Acosta, hurling questions at the president — mean questions if it's President Trump, slavishly loving questions if it is a Democrat president.  Biden's camera-shy ways make this impossible.

There are real-world consequences for a media establishment that has an invisible president.  It gives me great pleasure to relay to you the fact that ratings for prime-time cable news programs have collapsed.  The only thing that was propping up those disinformation-spewing propaganda outlets was the hysteria that the media injected into every story about Donald Trump.  Without that, there is nothing:

The media need to talk to Biden.  So, finally, the White House has announced that Joe Biden will hold a formal press conference with the media.  Rather unusually, though, the press conference will not be in a day or two, or even this coming Friday or Saturday.  Instead, the press conference is set for March 25, a full nine days after the announcement that Biden will deign to appear before the American media and, by extension, before the American people.  (No mention is being made about the fact that Biden has yet either to give or even to talk about giving a State of the Union address.)

The natural assumption to make at this point is that Joe Biden will spend the next nine days being drilled for the press conference as if he were preparing for a presidential debate.  Between naps, aides will spend anxious minutes firing questions at him and helping him remember the appropriate answers.

Not long after the announcement about Biden's upcoming press conference, Newsmax's Greg Kelly tweeted out that the White House press office has asked journalists to submit questions in advance:

It says everything you need to know about the mental disability of the White House's current occupant that it is impossible to tell whether Kelly's tweet is a joke or not.  Given the close relationship between the current White House and the media, it seems likely that the White House would indeed ask reporters to submit their proposed questions to prevent Joe from embarrassing himself in public.

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter whether Joe proves incapable of handling a press conference.  Everybody understands that this is a Potemkin presidency and a shabby one at that.  The Democrats own Washington, the media, and Hollywood, so they know that their minions will rave about what Biden does, no matter how bad it is, and nobody else can do anything about it anyway.  They just need to have a few good camera shots to lure back their audience.

Image: Press conference by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash.

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