If you're Coke, going woke really may leave you broke

One of the scourges of the 21st century is the rise of corporations that feel compelled to make political statements.  In an ideologically diverse country, corporations should stick to selling their product or service without wading into divisive issues that will alienate half of the customer base (and should, ideally, trigger shareholder lawsuits).  Last month, Coca-Cola went woke for BLM, causing conservatives to abandon it.  This month, Coca-Cola is facing outrage from leftists for failing to fight Georgia's new anti-fraud voting laws.  It couldn't happen to a more deserving woke corporation.

In February, consumers learned that Coca-Cola had made a hard left turn when Karlyn Borysenko posted material from a Critical Race Theory program that Coke had forced employees to attend.  If you haven't watched the video before, you need to watch it now because it perfectly encapsulates the highly racist propaganda infecting corporate America — and now, thanks to Biden, being encouraged within the government bureaucracy:

For going woke, Coke was deservedly castigated among people who are not crazy, are conservative, and are not racist.  As for me, while I once decried the leftist habit of boycotting everything, I've changed my tune in 2021.  I feel that every thinking person who opposes racism should refuse to buy any Coke products.  Just so you know, the boycott will save you a lot of money, because these are the brands that Coke fully or partially owns — and all of them are fancy water, sugary drinks, or artificially sweetened drinks.  Your life will be better without Coke.

Still from a vintage Coca-Cola promo when Coke sold a product, not politics.

The problem with going woke is that "woke" is a moving target.  Conservatives have fixed values.  They mostly tie back to the rules in the Bible (whether or not any given conservative is religious).  They also look to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  With fixed principles, once you've declared yourself, you don't have to worry that in a month or two, you'll already be labeled a dangerous regressive and targeted for destruction.

That's essentially what happened to Coke.

As you know, long after the barn door was left open and all the electoral horses escaped, Georgia finally enacted an election bill that will help prevent voter fraud.  The Coca-Cola company, because it waded into politics, found to its chagrin that it was expected to continue wading into politics regarding this bill.  When it failed to do so, suddenly it was in the left's boycott crosshairs:

Activists are organizing a boycott of major Atlanta-based corporations such as Coca-Cola over their apparent refusal to condemn a GOP-backed elections bill making its way through the Georgia legislature.

The AME Sixth Episcopal District said it would be calling for a statewide boycott of Coca-Cola until it expressly comes out against the legislation.

Bishop Reginald Jackson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that if "Coca-Cola wants Black and brown people to drink their product, then they must speak up when our rights, our lives and our very democracy as we know it is under attack."

This is devastating news for Coke, which is highly dependent on minorities for its sales — and it wouldn't be having this problem if it had just stuck to its brand.  Now it has no way out.  It's offended everybody.  Its best bet at this point is to fire a whole swath of upper- and middle-level management and to promise its company, its shareholders, and the world at large that it will, in future, stay in its lane and sell beverages.

Image: Vintage Coca-Cola promo.  YouTube screen grab.

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