If you're not worried about the military, you're not paying attention

I know that some of you are unhappy with Tucker Carlson because of his response to events surrounding the election.  If you're still not watching him, you may be cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Tucker is currently one of the few prominent people to call out the dangerous insanity of the Biden administration's obsessive focus on social justice (read: anti-white racism), especially in the United States military.  Tucker was at it again Friday night, with a truly terrifying look at the priorities in the American military.

The military's slide into being a social justice experiment has been a bee in my bonnet for a long time.  After five years in office, Obama had fired 197 officers.  Many of them may have been righteous firings.  Any government agency becomes sclerotic, and people who would have been fired in the private sector manage to continue forever in the bureaucracy — and the Pentagon, in addition to being the nerve center of our national defense, is also a gigantic bureaucracy.

However, many believed that Obama's firings were driven less by the need to create a leaner, more efficient bureaucracy and more by the desire to get rid of people who were not on board with Obama's increasingly hard-left politics.  Even if that wasn't Obama's goal, there's no doubt that, even before Biden became commander in chief, the Pentagon had become a leftist institution.

I won't belabor the point here (the virtue of these posts is that they're short), but I did belabor that point in 2019 here and here.  As the second link shows, I wasn't the only one with this concern.  Sundance, at Conservative Treehouse, also suspected that the military officer class that Obama had created during his eight years in office wasn't averse to a soft coup against a sitting president whose policies the woke officers disliked.

All of this gets me to Tucker Carlson.  He's been in the vanguard of highlighting how, even as China keeps expanding its military, including its weapons, the Biden Pentagon is obsessed with racism, sex, and sexual orientation.  When Biden boasted about maternity flight suits, Tucker pointed out that this might have been a lesser issue than, say, combat readiness.  The newly woke military pounced, and Tucker then eviscerated it.

Tucker was back on Friday night with more concerns about the newly woke military.  He explained that it's no longer necessary to read the tea leaves to discern whether the Pentagon's officer class (which is made up of the same college grads who have turned every other American institution into a progressive bastion) has unleashed progressivism on the military.  Just go to the home page of the United States Special Operations Command (SEALS, Delta Force, Green Berets, etc.), and you'll see this announcement about its Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan:

That plan coincides with the appointment of a new "chief of diversity and inclusion," a non-military bureaucrat:

Mr. Torres-Estrada has worked in the government for a long time:

As a government employee, he's technically supposed to be non-partisan — and never more so than when working for the United States military.  Yet there are some interesting finds on his Facebook page.

An attack on Ted Cruz:

A classic "cute" Marxist cartoon demanding government-imposed "equity" rather than equality:

A crude, blatant attack on Trump:

An attack on Trump so fake that even Facebook had to challenge it:

An anti-police BLM meme:

And then — surprise! — there's this image, which shows that somewhere, deep inside his NeverTrump, social justice, highly woke, bureaucratic soul, he vaguely understands that leftism is indecent and wrong:

Frankly, Torres-Estrada's Facebook page leaves me with the impression that he's like all the leftists I lived with (heck, that I once was) for so many decades: a nice guy, a family man, a hard worker, and someone whose values are slowly being destroyed by the relentless pressure to accept that progressivism is part of being a "good" person.

Anyway, here's Tucker on the terrible damage Torres-Estrada is doing to our Special Forces simply by being appointed as a diversity and inclusion officer, a leftist position that's destroying one American corporation and institution after another, and that has no place in a top-flight fighting force:

Image: Cropped version of the U.S. Special Operations home page.