Governor Abbott is right about the border

It's refreshing to hear Governor Greg Abbott of Texas challenge the chaos (and lawlessness) at the U.S.-Mexico border.  We are beyond a debate about kids on the border.  This is about encouraging criminal elements in Mexico, as the governor said on Fox News:

Abbott told "Sunday Morning Futures" anchor Maria Bartiromo that he went to the border last week and met with border patrol officers who said that they warned the Biden administration that its new border policies would lead to a "massive surge" in illegal immigration. He said that officers believe the number of migrants arriving at the border will only increase in the coming months.

Of course, it will only increase.  Why wouldn't people in Central America walk over, or even pay a transport fee, if they could come to the U.S.?  It is a totally predictable result.

President Trump understood the risk of an open border.  Apparently, President Biden does not, or at least the people around him don't.

As someone who came to the U.S. legally, I can understand that people want a better life or to pursue their dreams up north.  I get it.  I am sympathetic with the intentions.

At the same time, they have to wait their turn and do it legally.  The biggest problem at the border is the chaotic nature of the whole thing.  No country in the world can take thousands of people violating the process.

Governor Abbott is right.  President Biden's action are helping the criminal elements moving people to the border.  It must be stopped, and Governor Abbott is ready to take the Biden administration head on.

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Image: World Travel & Tourism Council.

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