Confessions of a COVID rebel

It is sickening to watch Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and others get such praise for Biden's recent address to the nation on COVID.

In follow-up to that, Biden, Harris, and their minions brag that now they will give permission for some grandparents to hug their grandchildren and that we might be able to gather by July 4 in small groups if we behave as we are instructed.

How generous of our benevolent leaders.  If we don't behave, we will be sent to our room for another extended timeout because we are little snowflakes who have no common sense or intelligence.

Brooks: Government Has Been 'Too Negative' on COVID Recently, Glad Biden Gave Positive July 4 Goal

First off, if anyone deserves credit for hundreds of millions of Americans being able to get vaccines, it is Trump and the private sector, not Biden.  Biden has always been known as a plagiarist, so this is nothing new. 

I am 67 years old, and I take medication for blood pressure and cholesterol, and my doctor says I am very healthy.  But I was told by most journalists, supposed health experts, and politicians that I am extremely vulnerable, should be very scared, and essentially should curl up in a fetal position until I am given the OK to be around other people.

Since I never believed that millions of people with no symptoms were actively spreading the virus, nor did I believe the lie, which the CDC later corrected, that the virus would easily pass off surfaces, here are some of my daring feats that I completed during the last year.

Visited our children and grandchildren six times in two states.

Hugged our four grandchildren every time, including a new baby born in April.  We got permission from our children to hug our grandchildren, which was given every visit.  Not once did we think we needed permission from politicians to hug these blessings from God.  We did check with the pediatrician on the new baby, and she said it was certainly OK if we felt OK.  Facetime is not a good substitute for physical contact.  Loneliness and depression can be hazardous to our mental and physical health and may even be deadly.

Traveled to five states besides Illinois despite being warned how dangerous that was by our governor because those states may not be as smart as he is.

Stayed at hotels eight times. 

Rented condos twice in tourist towns.

Ate in restaurants when allowed.

Happily, went without masks when allowed.

Went to small and large stores when allowed.  Rarely shopped online.  I have trouble believing that the virus is hopping over aisles or acting differently from previous viruses.

Went to work at an office with many other people as I always have because I am not as efficient or effective at home.  Thankfully, I was proclaimed essential.  I know that every year at my office, there have been people who have had previous viruses.

Went bowling in a league with people I didn't live with when allowed.

Played pickleball, indoors and outdoors, with many other people I didn't live with when allowed.  Even though I was warned how dangerous it is, I touched pickleballs that other people had touched with my bare hands.  That was scary, to complete such a death-defying act.

Went swimming at an exercise facility when allowed.

I even took showers at the gym without a mask when allowed, even though NBC says how dangerous that is.

Now, I'm not saying everyone should do as I did.  I based my acts on my particular judgment about my health situation, and others should do the same based on their own health conditions.  I'm saying individuals should make their own decisions, based on their own best interest.  It's what I did.

I hate getting lectured by self-righteous elitists who are functioning without a brain or common sense.  

Of Course, You Should Wear a Mask in the Shower at the Gym

Fortunately, NBC News has published recently-updated for those who work out at the gym: "You should wear a mask in the shower." That is if you don't follow NBC's "best advice," and refrain from taking a shower altogether, as noted by The Blaze.

Well, after a year of these dangerous acts, I got a cold, on New Year's weekend.  I stayed home, rested, drank lots of liquids, and took cold pills.  I did not get a COVID test.  In other words, I treated it like all other colds, and, in a shock, I recovered in a few days.

I got my second Moderna shot on March 9 but now am told by CDC that I should still not travel — not because of science, but because that is how they feel.  And I naïvely thought all the decisions by bureaucrats and politicians were based on science.

I have lived through viruses my entire life, but I have never had to put up with dictatorial edicts from politicians and bureaucrats that have intentionally destroyed the United States while they pretend they care.  I am especially appalled at the willingness to cause immeasurable harm to children, especially the poor and special needs children.  How can these politicians look in the mirror when they know of the destruction they have wrought, which is not based on science or facts?  How many suicides and drug overdoses of children have they caused?  I see that now kids can go back to school with only a three-foot separation.  I bet there was never any science to support a six-foot separation or the idea of two-year-olds wearing masks.

It is also disgusting that politicians pick and choose who is essential and who is not.  Every job is essential for those receiving the paycheck and those who hire them.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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