Biden's proposed 'vaccine passport' is worse than you realize

This will not be the first post in which you've read that the Biden administration is contemplating a vaccine passport — that is, an official government document proving to all the world that you've gotten the COVID vaccine.  However, this may be the first post that notes that the proposed vaccine passport is another example of how the current administration is avoiding the Bill of Rights through partnerships with corporate America and Big Tech.

The Biden administration has explained that the government won't really be doing anything.  It will just coordinate with American corporations to force everyone to have a vaccine passport to function in the modern world:

Speaking to reporters at the White House Monday afternoon, Press Secretary Jen Psaki outlined what role the Biden administration will play in developing a Wuhan coronavirus "Vaccine Passport" as private companies plan to bar unvaccinated people from public events. 

"We are going to provide guidance, just as we have through the CDC. There's currently an interagency process that is looking at many of the questions around vaccine verification, and that issue will touch many agencies as verification is an issue that will potentially touch many sectors of society," Psaki said. "A determination or development of a vaccine passport or whatever you want to call it will be driven by the private sector. Ours will more be focused on guidelines that can be used as a basis."

"There are a couple of key principles that we are working from. One is that there will be no centralized, universal federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential. Second, we want to encourage an open marketplace with a variety of private sector companies and non-profit coalitions developing solutions," Psaki continued. "And third, we want to drive the market toward meeting public interest goals. So we'll leverage our resources to ensure that all vaccination credential systems meet key standards, whether that's universal accessibility, affordability, availability, both digitally and on paper."

Behind all that gobbledygook is a very scary concept: the Biden administration is outsourcing constitutional violations to corporations.

The fact is that the idea of a vaccine passport is quite obviously unconstitutional.  For starters, it violates people's privacy rights.  No one knows this better than the Democrats, who, in the 1980s and 1990s, fought tooth and nail to keep people's (read: gay men's) AIDS status private, when AIDS had a much higher mortality rate than COVID, leading to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which makes medical information deeply private.

There's nothing in the Constitution that gives the government the power to force people to inject something into their bodies.  One argument is that it triggers the Fifth Amendment because, just as forcing people to have blood tests is a form of self-incrimination, depriving people of the right to function in society without a passport incriminates them as "dangerous."

To the extent that the passport will inevitably be digitized in some manner, it will allow the government to track people's activities in a way even greater than the government can now.  This is an unreasonable form of searching that violates the Fourth Amendment.  It will also implicate the right to travel within the United States and the right to free assembly (both of which rights are hanging by a thread now).

I'm sure that, given enough time, I can find a half-dozen other constitutional rights that would be shredded if the government mandated vaccination passports — and the Biden administration knows it.  That's why Psaki babbled about the government giving "guidance" to corporations.  In 2021, the major corporations with which Americans do business are, without exception, leftist.

The tech sector engaged in myriad dubious activities to destroy Trump's candidacy and place a corrupt, senile old man and a weird, possibly neurologically impaired, corrupt woman in the White House.  And conservatives have been complaining for years about Big Tech's relentless censorship of conservative speech.

Last year's astroturfed BLM upheavals made it clear on which side corporate America fell.  Every major company, helmed by college graduates marinated in progressive thinking, fell over itself to virtue-signal and to hand millions of dollars over to the Marxist BLM organization and to bail funds.

These corporations will do the dirty work the Biden administration can't do because it's hamstrung by the Constitution.  A constitutional government would side with the People as corporations bar them from traveling, shopping, working, attending events, and doing anything else unless they inject a substance into their bodies.  This government, however, will support corporations that force people into vaccinations if they wish to function.

And why not?  Outsourcing constitutional violations worked perfectly for the Democrats when they let Big Tech stifle conservatives' First Amendment freedom of speech.  Go with what works, right?

Image: Vaccine passport by Andrea Widburg.

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