Biden is a soporific cipher, a contrivance of the left

Anyone who tried to stay awake throughout Biden's first speech to the nation likely zoned out after three minutes.  He is a boring speaker.  We all know he is laboring to read the teleprompter as written, but he has difficulty even doing that.

Biden is the emptiest of suits who is being shuffled before the camera on rare occasions as the pretend president, but anyone with a pulse can see that the man is senile, diminished beyond reach.  He is a clueless but willing tool of the Maoists who are calling the shots and are dedicated to their project, the third term of Barack Obama.  And boy, are those behind-the-scenes folks excited by their newfound political power.

They have achieved their nirvana: a nearly brain-dead droid as the face of their totalitarian agenda, their one-world government global reset.  But leftists never think ahead.  They never consider the consequences of their unquenchable thirst for power and control over all of us who love and treasure our freedom from the tyrants the leftists and Democrats have become.

Watching Biden's pathetic meandering speech about COVID was mind-numbing.  Not a word of gratitude for the warp speed production of several vaccines that is wholly thanks to Trump — Biden's message was still one of fear.  A known liar all his life, he mentioned "truth" far too often, like a guilty criminal trying to convince the cop interrogating him that he is innocent, sealing his own fate.  He said Trump did nothing!  Whew!  Biden takes lying to the public to a whole new level of absurdity.  We all saw him get this nonexistent vaccine before he was inaugurated. 

The left must keep us all in fear of COVID, anxiously awaiting the vaccine even though we now know that it is virtually unnecessary, as numerous effective treatments are readily available.  Maybe we will be able to congregate with a few family members by the Fourth of July!  As if we've not been gathering with family and friends for the past year!

A majority of the population figured out ages ago that the COVID scare is an extravagant hoax, just as the whole global warming scare is a monstrous hoax.  God forbid our children learn that this planet is 4.5 billions of years old, that we humans are a recent species that has no power over the health of the Earth.  The pseudo-intellectual arrogance of the climatistas is as astounding as the COVID fear-mongers' hysteria.

Biden reads words written by others.  He can barely pronounce them correctly; he stumbles over the names of people he has allegedly chosen for his Cabinet.  He couldn't remember his defense secretary's name, nor the "outfit" (the Pentagon) where he works!  Not good.  A sign of advanced dementia?  Indeed.

Everyone sees it, everyone knows it, yet the leftmedia pretend Biden is sentient despite all the obvious signs to the contrary.  All the usual suspects waxed rhapsodic over a speech they surely realized was pure bunk.  I don't know how they do it, nor how they look at themselves in the mirror when they get home.

The sad state of affairs is that the United States, the greatest nation on Earth that has provided more freedom, more upward mobility than any other nation in history, that lost nearly 700,000 citizens to end slavery, is being led by a cabal of radical leftists whose names are perhaps unknown to us and who are intent upon fomenting racism where none exists, and who are equally intent upon destroying the Jewish and Christian values that are the core of Western civilization.     

Enter Black Lives Matter and Antifa, still dedicated to destroying America as founded.  Thanks to the two generations of miseducation of America's youths, our country's younger people have been co-opted by decades of leftist indoctrination on nearly all of our university campuses and the fake news spewed forth daily on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC.  Those who have embraced the nonsense, from Critical Race Theory to global warming, know nothing of our Founders, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the brief war in Kuwait, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan.

They have purposefully been taught that the U.S. is forever tainted by systemic racism, a colossal lie.  They've not been taught to think critically, so they believe the rot they've been fed and dutifully post their abject submission to the cancel culture orthodoxy many times a day to ensure their social media reputation is sufficiently woke.  These young (and old) programmed radicals are willing myrmidons; they follow the dictates of their "leaders" (professors and politicians) without question.  That is where we are, what the miseducated of America have become: self-righteously arrogant, elitist, and thoroughly and willfully ignorant of American history.  That is the tragedy of progressivism.  It is cruel and destructive to all who embrace it as their creed. 

President Trump was our Superman who miraculously won in 2016 and set about undoing the horrific and escalating damage done by progressives since the Wilson presidency.  The progressives were racists then, and they are racists today.  The "soft bigotry of low expectations" is their definition of social justice.  The Obama administration really ramped up the "let's take America down a peg or two" agenda.  Trump made great headway to undo that damage, so they set about rigging the election to stop Trump in his tracks.  But Trump ignited a fervor among his supporters that is not going away.

It will take all of us who love America to organize, rally, and vote them out of office.  That would be Pelosi, first and foremost; Schumer; and the rest of the Democrats in Congress whom those two control with their iron fists.  Why all the Democrats in the House submit is anyone's guess.  Blackmail?  Bribery?  Who knows?  One thing is certain: they are all craven, self-serving, power-loving pols.  They are all criminally corrupt, as are too many of the Republicans as well, which is how so many became so wealthy.  They need to be stopped if America is to prevail.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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