Who knew that Obama?

My friend in Chicago called to inquire about our electricity issues.  I guess everybody is talking about Texans freezing at home.  The good news is that most of us are okay now.  He added that Chicago is now looking at reviewing a few school names starting with favorite son Lincoln.  You guessed it: white supremacy!

It left me a bit surprised, because no one is asking former President Obama about President Lincoln.  As I recall, then-senator Obama announced his presidential campaign in Springfield, Illinois.  Guess who is buried in Springfield!

As you probably remember, President-Elect Obama took a train to Washington, D.C.  Guess whose route he followed.  Let me remind you about that day:

Barack Obama's arrival in Washington by train today harkens back to the inaugural White House trip of the former President who is Obama's political idol: Abraham Lincoln. In 1861, our 16th President rode the rails through New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania en route to the capital.

So Lincoln was Obama's political idol?  Let me say a couple of words:

First, it's wonderful that our first African-American president would admire the Great Emancipator.  It makes sense.

Second, what does canceling Lincoln say about the state of the left?  It tells me that many in the left don't know about their country or don't care about the nation that provides them the freedom to be stupid.

It's time to put a question to President Obama about this issue.  After all, his city wants to cancel his political idol.

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Image: National Archives.

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