The greatest job in America

Have you ever noticed how Democrats love to take stances on the type of hot-button issues that can't be confirmed or denied, proven or debunked, or even fixed or made better?  It's genius, honestly.  They use fear to get votes while making no commitments to achieve attainable goals in the process.  Attainable is the keyword.

Climate change, COVID-19, racism in America, and gun control are all examples of subjects that create fear in most people and that have no clear solutions.  Democrats use these topics to get elected and then do absolutely nothing when in office except maybe make matters worse.  I think that's exactly what they want.

COVID-19 had an enormous impact on the 2020 presidential election, despite there being absolutely nothing that anyone in the world can do to prevent or stop it.  No politician anyway.

So why did the virus have such an effect on the election?  Joe Biden said his plan would save lives, but he never really said what his plan was, only that he had one.  I have my doubts as to exactly how many people really voted for him, but I know of a few people who made their decision to vote for him simply because he claimed to have "a plan."  Once in office, he admitted that he could do nothing to change the trajectory of the virus, and he didn't even apologize for that.

Climate change.  Nobody can prove that climate change is really happening or that it's not a natural cycle that happens routinely.  That's because the statistics involved have been recorded and monitored for only about 150 years.  Two thousand years wouldn't even be enough when considering that our planet is approximately 4.54 billion years old.  The fear that we all might die from lack of oxygen due to climate change has earned the Democrats more than a few votes, and again, there isn't anything that they can realistically do about it, but it's always a part of their campaigns.

Gun control.  I remember how, after Columbine, soccer moms demanded that every gun in America be melted down for scrap metal.  There was an army of angry, frightened women that couldn't wait to voice their opinion on television.  The media and the Democrats wouldn't let us move past Columbine because they got attention when talking about it.

The bottom line is that they can try to take our guns away until they're blue in the face, but, until we're blue in the face, they'll never take our guns, and they know that all too well.  Demanding gun control is perfectly pointless but earns Democrat politicians a steady yearly salary of $174,000 for years with no chance of downsizing or lack of work.  Why didn't I run for office?

Racism is purely emotional.  You can't prove the degree that it exists, and there's no solution to it, no matter how large the problem actually is.  The more Democrats talk about racism, the more they convince people that politicians should do something to stop it.  It's amazing, really.  I'd like to know who came up with this gem because he deserves some recognition for that vote-getter!

While writing this, it dawned on me that life was pretty damn good in 1994, when I was 15.  Good music was still being made, only dentists wore surgical masks, NAFTA hadn't decimated my hometown yet, Saturday Night Live was still funny, and Hillary was still content being the wife of a politician.  I miss those days.  Maybe times were too good for some.

Maybe the Democrats are scared they'll become unnecessary.  Republicans, too, for that matter.

Sure, there will always be a need for government to some degree, but without the unsolvable issues I just identified, maybe people will see that any government that costs approximately $94 million in salaries alone and spends $4.829 trillion a year might not be that necessary.  And people might realize, too, that the politicians know this, which is why they create these illusions of necessity.

After all, they wouldn't want to have to work to become wealthy.  That's frightening to them.  The more they can convince people that they're necessary, the longer they can be "elite" while doing nothing useful.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." —Lord Acton

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