The disaster of 2020 is now an entertaining card game

My wife read the Culture section of the Sunday Richmond Times-Dispatch and showed me an article she thought I would like titled "Game Night!"  It described how three young adult siblings (Lindsey, Melisa, and Kevin Ashburn) created "a fun way to play the awful hand that 2020 dealt us."  Melinda and Kevin are University of Virginia grads, and the college newsletter had earlier covered their story. 

While growing up, these three kids had regular family game nights that gave them a love of party games.  Since all now live in different states, it was a Zoom call that led to their unexpected business venture.  They brainstormed a new card game into existence called "The 2020 Game."  The game includes 240 Answer Cards, 80 Question Cards, 40 Virus Cards, 40 Cure Cards, and 2020 memories.  The game revolves around trying to answer the random questions from each player's eight answer cards.  Not all answers will be suitable.  The player with the best answer gets points.  However, in the question cards are hidden Virus Cards and Cure Cards (i.e., mask-wearing, vaccine, etc.).  The vaccine card will protect the player from the virus for the rest of the game.  In the Cure Card stack are a few Karen cards that aren't really a cure at all!  As usual, Karen is there to ruin everyone's game! 

Not being woke, most of the women I can picture in the authoritarian Karen stereotype tend to be leftists like Eileen Filler-Corn (D), who is the speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates and first woman to hold that position.  Eileen could not possibly be racist because that label applies only to Republicans and whoever else disagrees with her party's new woke orthodoxy.  I also noticed the game's Cure Cards omitted controversial drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, but I cannot fault this omission.  If included, today's woke cancel culture would have shut them down. 

Overall, their story gave me renewed hope that some in the younger generations retain an entrepreneurial spirit despite a culture that has grown increasingly anti–free market and enamored with big-government socialism.  Thus, I am looking forward to these three entrepreneurs creating a 2021 version in time for the next Christmas season.  Now that the Democrats are large and in charge, there will be plenty of ideas for new wild cards.  For example, any player who draws the Cancel Culture Card would immediately be knocked out of the game.  Another possible card could be named for the Dem's pending "For the People Act."  This legislation if passed will gut free speech, abolish voter ID requirements, expand early mail-in voting, permit ballot harvesting and more.  Therefore, any player who draws it would be declared the winner without further competition or investigation.  

Image: 2020 Game.

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