The BIPOC crusade hits Vermont

The racist power redistribution effort in Vermont is out in the open, but the discussions of its "BIPOC" strategists are not.  At one meeting in the ultra-progressive Vermont Mecca of Burlington, white people were dismissed from a "listening session for people of color."

Burlington's "Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Department" is not interested in whether white people feel like they belong — its director, Tyeastia Green, was imported to Vermont from Minnesota.  Activist blacks who have suffered urban oppression are in short supply in Vermont, so they are bussed in — Green was in Vermont for less than a year before implementing this "BIPOCs only" insult.

Another transplant agitator is Skylar Nash, who moved to Vermont from Chicago and decided to shame its denizens about how their crushing racism destroyed him.  He and Green justified why their overtly racist meeting was "only open to community members of color":

"If you have media in there, listening, it wouldn't have allowed to create a safe space for people to have confidence that what's going to be shared in those breakout rooms, and in that listening session, would stay among BIPOC people," Nash said after the meeting[.] ... "I would just continue to hope that members of the media as well as white community members, city workers, would really not take something like this as an affront or effort to hide something," Nash said, "but really to provide a space that on a day to day basis is not readily available to BIPOC people in the city." Green later told VTDigger the meeting was not closed off to the media, only to white members of the media.

What if white Vermonters held "whites only" meetings in safe spaces in opposition to systemic racism imported to Vermont from Chicago, Minneapolis, and other urban quagmires?  They might attract BIPOC gazes, but not government power and funding, as this cloaked group does.  This is plainly illegal.

Green wants to set a new standard for language, as she doesn't like the word "diversity."  Her resource for these new initiatives?  She just made it up and is developing it for the majority-white community by listening to BIPOC voices only:

She said the idea for a racial equity strategic plan came from her office when she entered the newly created position back in February. The plan will be developed from the information derived from the community listening sessions, Green said. There is no set timeline for completion of the plan.

These are carpetbagger plans.  They violate every sense of the words "civil," "constitutional," "equitable," "representative," and "American."  They are particularly noxious to Vermont, the first state to ban slavery, the first state to admit a black man to college, and the only state to elect a BIPOC American to a state Legislature before the Civil War.

In his prophetic The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies, Professor Ryszard Legutko observes that people like Green and Nash develop a certain type of mentality:

In one sense, this person may think that he performs something particularly valuable to humanity; in another, the situation helps him to develop a sense of power otherwise unavailable to him; and in a third, he often cannot resist the temptation to indulge in a low desire to harm others with impunity. (p. 103)

Hold on, we've seen this before — the pigs who move into the farmer's house in Orwell's Animal Farm!  Nash and Green are merely ideological elites, slurping at Vermont's unguarded trough! 

BIPOC interlopers with ideological sledgehammers think they hit the mother lode in Vermont, where a very tolerant populace are silent while they are sheared to the bone by insensitive, deaf-eared bigots.  But these new bigots — of any color: both white and BIPOC abound — may find that they attract a whole new kind of gaze, as they insult and malign the indigenous population of rural Vermonters, black and white. 

This conduct in the oxymoronic name of "inclusion" is anathema to Vermont and America.  It is "systemic" racism, plain to see.  It will be "tolerated" no more than any other overtly racist government action.

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Image: State of Vermont.

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