Super Bowl dichotomy

The LV Super Bowl revealed a dichotomy between two Americas.

In the left corner, we witnessed a myriad of race and class grievances, woke virtue-signaling, and vitriol.

In the right corner, we witnessed men in the arena, teamwork, camaraderie, race cooperation, and meritocracy.

The matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the first football game that I'd watched all year.  Like many Americans, I want(ed) to watch football for football, a respite from the drumbeat of nonsense being advanced by the American left and their media sycophants.

Alas, before, between, and after the "minutes of play," we were inundated with Black Lives Matter, LGBT, climate crises, mask shaming, socialism, and every other form of leftist divisive tripe.

Bruce Springsteen, of "hate righty" fame, implored us to reunite, now that Orange Man Bad has been vanquished to the nether regions.  Our time in the desert is complete; the mountaintop is visible on the horizon.  The "red star" of "unity" is available for all, if you'll only bow to our new reality.

The game, in contrast to the claptrap, was inspirational.  White and black coaches, players, referees, announcers, et al. working towards common objectives.

The game highlighted our commonality, our brotherhood, and our meritocracy at its finest.  What the game didn't highlight was our differences.  I was genuinely inspired to see players and coaches of all backgrounds sharing the joy of victory, and likewise the agony of defeat.

Sadly, though, like everything else that the left touches in America, the game can't be left alone; the commonality can't be venerated; competition, teamwork, and meritocracy can't be seen for what they are, but as props for setting us against each other.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Congratulations to this year's MVP, Tom Brady.  Congratulations to the owner, coaches, staff, and fans.

To last year's MVP, Patrick Mahomes, keep the (Christian) faith; soak the sore muscles; work with your coaching staff in getting a better O-Line.

Let football be football.

Image: Pixabay.

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