Should Big Tech determine what the truth is about the COVID vaccine?

The Biden administration is going to collude with social media billionaires to determine what the public is allowed to see about the vaccines.  Should billionaires who campaigned for, colluded with, donated to, and buried truthful stories about Biden corruption before the election be the ones who determine what is truthful about the vaccine?  Should we trust social media outlets and other media puppets to tell the truth about the vaccine when they were so willing to spread so much misinformation about the virus itself?

White House working with social media giants to silence anti-vaxxers

"Disinformation that causes vaccine hesitancy is going to be a huge obstacle to getting everyone vaccinated and there are no larger players in that than the social media platforms," the White House source told the news agency.

Here is just some of the misinformation, or intentional lies, that was fed to the public the last year of misery:

In January 2020, the WHO spread the propaganda from China that the virus would not spread human to human.  Yet to this day, neither the social media billionaires nor other media outlets will block what the WHO regurgitates.  They, and the Biden administration, treat the WHO's people as truth-tellers. 

In January, February, and early March, Fauci said the virus was no problem to the people in the U.S.  He even told people they could go on cruise ships on March 9.  No matter how much he has misled the people, either intentionally or unintentionally, he is never blocked.  Scientists and doctors who disagree with the who disagree with him or CDC or WHO are blocked.  The truth clearly doesn't matter to the media outlets. 

In mid-March, without scientific evidence, the CDC put out a garbage modeling report without scientific evidence, that showed millions would die and hundreds of millions would get the virus.

This made up report caused the destruction of the economy even though Fauci and other experts know that lockdowns don't work?  Why does the destruction continue when they know the human tolls they are taking?

Using garbage modeling numbers on the virus to destroy the economy is similar to using garbage modeling reports to destroy the oil industry.

The American Institute for Economic Research, in fact, has this list in a piece titled "What They Said about Lockdowns before 2020."  Here are a few of its items:

Fauci said that shutting down the country does not work. (January 24, 2020)

World Health Organization Report discusses NPIs and why quarantine is ineffective. (2019)

WHO acknowledges social-distancing did not stop or dramatically reduce transmission during the 1918 influenza pandemic. (2006)

study in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology regarding the 1918 influenza pandemic in Canada also concluded quarantines do not work. (2003)

A team of Johns Hopkins scholars say quarantines don't work but are pursued for political reasons. (September 2019)

The Daily Mail reports on a July 2020 study that appeared in EClinical Medicine, published by Lancet:

Lockdowns DON'T work, study claims: Researchers say stay-at-home orders made no difference to coronavirus deaths around the world — but prior health levels DID

In March, the CDC intentionally misled the public that the virus would easily survive and pass off surfaces with no scientific evidence that it was true.  In May, the CDC corrected that, but we are still required to treat the initial lies as if they were true. 

Coronavirus 'does not spread easily' by touching surfaces or objects, CDC says. But it still 'may be possible.'

We were told repeatedly that millions of people with no symptoms were passing the disease, which is the main justification for the masks and social distancing, but later on, it was admitted that this also was not true.  Most people with no symptoms don't have enough of the virus in their system to pass it on.  They should not test positive or be counted as positive. 

In March, 2020, the CDC inexplicably changed the way that COVID deaths would be counted. See here: "Change to death certificates could boost COVID-19 counts."

There is nothing scientific or truthful about counting deaths from heart attacks, cancer, stroke, COPD, pneumonia as caused by COVID if they happened to have it or even if the hospital thinks they may have had it.  They intentionally goosed the results. 

Throughout 2020, we were treated to Democrat campaign workers, posing as journalists, cheering New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats on as they sent people to their deaths in nursing homes while ripping Republican governors in less restrictive states despite their having equal or better results. 

We were treated to these campaign workers parroting the talking points that falsely claimed that President Trump didn't care about the virus, didn't take the virus seriously, and was responsible for all deaths.  They were intentionally lying to mislead the public.  They knew that he had instituted the travel ban, and mobilized the private and public sector and set about to get vaccines within a year.

Social media companies are not blocking Joe Biden and Kamala Harris when they intentionally lie that they inherited no plan to distribute the vaccine. 

Throughout 2020, the public was told that the fall and winter would be a disaster when the seasonal flu and COVID-19 would both be active.  They used these scare tactics to continue the destruction of the economy and to justify all the violations of election law. 

Instead, we are experiencing what appears to be one of the lowest caseloads ever of the seasonal flu. 

Now we are being lied to that the reason for the low caseload is because of the masks and social distancing and reduced travel. It's nonsense. How can they explain that the states with no mask requirements also are not seeing a problem with the flu? 

Why isn't Fauci ever asked why states with no mask requirements are doing so well? Why does he say we have to wear masks for another year?

A dozen states didn't require masks as of December -- Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

Iowa removed all restrictions, including the mask in February and they are having no spike.

Most states now require face masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19. These are the ones that don't

Throughout 2020 and early 2021, Americans were continually warned about "super spreaders"

There was Easter, the election primaries, Memorial Day, the May reopening in some states, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, the motorcycle event in Sturgis, South Dakota, all of Trump's rallies, Halloween, the election, Thanksgiving , Christmas, New Year's and the Super Bowl. These were the great superspreader events, so they reported. These same media organs were not worried about all the violent and sometimes peaceful protests by radical leftists, or election-night celebrations by Democrats. 

Few if any of these dire forecasts came true but the forecasts were used to scare the public into submission. They were used to justify mail-in voting, which everyone knows has huge potential for fraud. 

Sturgis, with 300,000 people hanging out for a couple weeks with few masks, had few cases, yet the media would never question the dire forecasts. 

The Super Bowl, even moreso. Here is what RedState reported:

The Super Bowl Should Bring an End to Super-Spreader Claims in the Press

Well, it has been two weeks since the catastrophic cacophony of championship revelry, and what has that incubation period delivered in the form of explosive infections? Uh…the opposite. Looking over the datasheets provided by Hillsborough County, there is little data suggesting a super-spreader event occurred. You cannot even call it a mild-mannered-spreader. According to the local government the cases during the two-week rolling average have plunged by -20 percent.

Even though the vaccines are working well and no scientific evidence that schools, sports, small businesses, and other places should remain closed, Democrats, in many places, keep the intentional destruction. 

Why don't we see pictures of all the kids, and their families on the nightly news, who kill themselves because of severe depression caused by the lockdowns? 

More kids are killing themselves than dying the virus, so why don't news networks show these sad stories? The truth clearly does not matter to them. 

The reason the media and other Democrats continue the dire forecasts of destruction is so they can pass a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill loaded with kickbacks for their special interest groups including a bailout for schools and for blue states that intentionally destroyed their economies. Biden even wants a $175 million kickback to community organizers. 

It's disgusting. For leftists, COVID has been nothing but a cornucopia of goodies. No wonder they never want it to end.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of Pixabay, Pixabay images.

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