Most ridiculous headline of the day

Barron's is supposed to be a serious publication that covers financial markets.  It was founded in 1921 as a sister publication of the Wall Street Journal.

Yet, yesterday, a headline writer for Barron's published an absurd headline, implying that a stock market rise could be attributed to Nancy Pelosi announcing an investigation into the January 6 Capitol incursion:

Stock Futures Rise After Pelosi Announces Commission to Investigate Capitol Riot

Here is a screen grab in case they change it:

According to a successful veteran stock trader, who emailed me the headline:

The rise has zero to do with Pelosi. Markets around the world are rallying.  America catching up on stimulus legislation, vaccine news, and massive equity inflows are moving the market. Pelosi and her political theatre have no role, but I guess even Barron's is biased these days.

At least the headline writers...

One would think the market professionals who read Barron's would understand how ridiculous the headline is.

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