Liz Cheney, emboldened

Fresh from controversy — and GOP censure — for her sparsely followed vote on impeachment, House Republican Conference leader Rep. Liz Cheney is putting some new plans on the table for Getting Trump.

Speaking on Chris Wallace's Fox News show, she suggested that the impeachment vote wasn't enough.  Now she's joining the Democrats to look for criminal prosecution of President Trump.

According to left-wing Rolling Stone:

The Senate [impeachment] trial is a snapshot. There is a massive criminal investigation underway. There will be a massive criminal investigation of everything that happened on January 6th and in the days before," Cheney continued, "People will want to know exactly what the president was doing. They will want to know, for example, whether the tweet that he sent out calling Vice President Pence a coward while the attack was underway — whether that tweet, for example, was a premeditated effort to provoke violence[.] ... There will be many, many criminal investigations looking at every aspect of this that everyone who was involved, as there should be.

She built her call to criminal investigation on a bed of leftist lies.

She claimed that conservatives were "misled" to believe that Antifa was behind the attack, which, based on arrests, actually has some substance but is hardly the big claim out there.  Most conservatives are as in the dark as anyone, given that most attendees at the rally engaged in absolutely zero violence and expressed only love for Trump, which she fails to acknowledge.  

She stuck to her guns in claiming that President Trump planned and incited the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, citing an unrelated Trump tweet about Mike Pence being "a coward."  That contradicts what the FBI found as it made arrests, showing lots of pre-planning, including diversionary bombs, and for that matter what the New York Times found about the type of people arrested (mostly marginals and apoliticals who never voted).  All of that contradicts her miserable narrative about Trump being involved in some supposed pre-planning to overturn the election through a riot.  While Trump's tweet was not lovely, it was no proof of pre-planning.  It was Trump in a fury, not Trump planning and calculating mayhem, as if an unarmed and often confused mob spontaneously getting out of control in the halls of Congress, was actually an effective means for overturning the election, just to start.   

She also claimed that Trump tried to steal the election, which is utterly, utterly false.  Democrats did that and succeeded, and all you have to do is ask the parade of witnesses about all the election frauds — the failed signature matches, the mixed ballots out of their envelopes, the uncreased ballots printed out all for Biden alone, the truck-drivers bringing ballots to be counted in one state after they'd already been counted in another, the junk-mail mass mail ballots, the vote-harvesting, the people who got multiple ballots (I know some), the suitcases with after-hours ballot counts, the strange midnight stoppages solely in four swing states, the phony water main breaks, the counties with more votes than voters, the blocking of GOP observers even with court orders from observing the actual count, and the strange lack of coattails of Joe Biden in his victory while Trump brought many more Republicans in.  Oh, and don't forget the pre-planned plotting of corporate America, Big Tech, Black Lives Matter, Big Labor, and the NeverTrumps to rig the election and call it "fortified."  They even admitted it, in Time, but somehow Liz didn't mention it.  All was free and fair, see, so any protests or discomfort with the result are simply baseless.

She says Trump's the one who tried to steal the election, and what's more, the 2020 election, which her party lost, was all free and fair, same as Democrats claim.  She took some shots at Marjorie Taylor Greene and claimed that the GOP is full of anti-Semites, of all things, claiming she didn't like Democrats determining their committee assignments while claiming that Greene should have been removed by them, which is the exact same thing.  All this while saying nothing of openly anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

She's actually lying by ignoring facts with her gibberish and embracing the leftist narrative. 

Her every last statement was dripping with hate for President Trump and, clearly, the tens of millions of voters who elected him.  She wants Trump out, and apparently herself there to take his place, bringing back all that voters hated about the Bush administration, of which she was completely a part.  More bailing out Paul Wolfowitz by employing his foreign girlfriend to do what she liked around the State Department (which was something Liz did) at a gargantuan salary, as well as more getting Americans into more endless foreign wars with lots of them getting maimed and killed, all for those Afghan girl literacy programs, nation-building, and other useless junk.

She's what conservatives can't stand about Republicans, yet she seems to be feeling her oats.  She spent more than nine minutes of her 11-minute interview with Wallace speaking of the need to rid the party of President Trump, and too bad about what the voters want.  They were never mentioned, see, and we know why that is.

She spent one minute dryly saying Joe Biden should reverse his position on the Keystone XL pipeline, which grossly affects her state.  Rest assured that as she sucks up to Democrats, good luck with that, Liz.  Unlike her, Democrats know a suck-up when they see one, and they respect party loyalty.  Democrats vote together and can't respect someone who goes against the voters of her own party.  Liz, on the other hand, obscenely cites Lincoln as her justification for hating Trump, as the pervert-scarred Lincoln Project did, implying that Lincoln, who had all kinds of dictatorial actions in his wartime presidency (look up habeas corpus), was a gentle democracy-lover and hugely different from Trump, which he was not.

It's a power-grab.  It's Cheney's pleasure at keeping her GOP leadership seat, by secret ballot, where the congressional members who secretly voted for her faced no consequences from voters.  That's very different from what they say and vote for in public, to cite what's going to happen in the Senate trial, where every vote is public.  Impeachment so cherished by Liz withers on the vine when the vote is public because Trump has the support of the Republican voters, who by and large stand by him.  Unlike her, they refuse to buy into the leftist fever narrative and instead prefer the facts of the case (something Liz paid lip service to regarding the Senate vote in her Wallace interview but certainly not in her rush-to-judgment House impeachment vote), which is why the Senate vote will fail.

She's a viper in the nest, somehow ensconced with the GOP establishment.  She never understood why Trump was elected, and now she imagines that with Trump out of office, she can hunt him down and ruin him for phony crimes never committed with absolutely no consequences, just the room to rise in his place.  She thinks the voters are stupid with this and will rapidly forget President Trump if she can eliminate him.  That ought to be duly noted.  Nobody quite deserves to be thrown out as much as this voter-hating, lie-promoting, phony conservative bounder.

Image: Screen shot from shareable Fox News video via YouTube.