Biden, whether from spite or dementia, has ignored Texas

Over a week after a massive storm hit, Texas is slowly warming up, the snow is melting, and power is returning. What Texas hasn't seen is President Biden. Instead, he's been enjoying an easy schedule, playing computer games with his granddaughter while Kamala Harris handles the phone calls to foreign leaders. If he were a Republican, rather than a Democrat, the media would be castigating him as the worst leader ever. Instead, though, the media is praising him for not showing up, lest he look too much like Trump.

The Valentine's Day storm that hit Texas wasn't the worst snowstorm ever, but it was certainly one of the worst storms to hit a state that always does things in a big way.  Immediately after the storm hit, 4 million people were without power and almost half the state's population without reliably safe drinking water.  Roughly 35 people died in Texas because of the storm.

A reader sent us pictures from a major grocery store in central Texas, showing that the shelves were stripped as bare as they were during the height of lockdown panic last year:


Thankfully, things are improving:

A warming trend brought welcome relief. In Tennessee, where Memphis was walloped with 10 inches of snow, temperatures soared into the high 50s on Sunday. In battered Texas, Houston's temperature climbed into the 70s, and Austin was almost there.


About 20,000 Texas homes and businesses remained without power Sunday afternoon, according to, a utility tracking website

A political battle is now raging over the reason for Texas's travails.  Many have pointed out that about 25% of its power comes from wind turbines, which don't work in winter storms.  Chuck Schumer, though, contends that Texas was punished for not believing in climate change.  In Schumer's world, apparently believing or not believing in climate change determines whether massive storms will strike.  The man is positively pagan.

The real problem appears to be that Texas, uniquely for American states, has a completely standalone power grid.  That means that when its power went down, it was unable to rely on outside sources for help.

What's not controverted is that Biden continues to be absent from a major American disaster area.  You may recall that, when Hurricane Katrina hit, the media, instead of blaming corrupt Louisiana officials for letting the levies decay, blamed President Bush for every death because he opted not to land in New Orleans the day after the levees failed, lest it interfere with recovery efforts — although he instantly got the federal government involved in responding to the disaster.

Things are different when you're Biden.  The media were incredibly excited by the fact that he played Mario Kart at Camp David with his granddaughter, held a town hall where he lied through his teeth without even acknowledging the storm, and took the weekend off.  In addition, before heading off to play computer games, Biden only "partially" approved of Texas's request for the all-important disaster declaration.

The media has been equally mellow about the fact that Biden still hasn't gone to Texas.  On Sunday, the Washington Post enthusiastically relayed that the White House's pronouncement that Biden is "eager" to visit Texas and might even go there this week.  According to the WaPo, Biden's hands-off approach is a virtue:

Biden is taking a notably low-key approach to the storm relief process. It's a marked contrast to predecessor Donald Trump's habit of making himself the often-hostile center of attention during natural disasters.

It's clear that Biden, Schumer, and the media all believe that Texans should suffer for not worshiping at the Church of Climate Change.  While some of us think Biden is probably too decrepit and demented to make a visit to Texas, the WaPo coverage establishes that, no matter how pathetically Biden performs his duties, the media will cover for him — and, if possible, attack Trump.

It all makes sense if you understand that the American media are Pravda West — except the media are actually worse than the original Pravda.  Soviet "journalists" lied and propagandized because they'd be imprisoned or killed if they didn't.  Our American "journalists" lie and propagandize because they want to.

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