Analyzing Kamala's handwriting: A bigger ego than Obama?

Kamala Harris, she of the never-far cackle and the constant pantsuit affectation, is a few heartbeats away from the presidency, after all.  Her inner workings, as manifested in her day-to-day penmanship, are thus of more than interest.

While her cursive writing, excerpted here and there from documents scribbled during or after meetings in her past affiliations in California, indicate a grounded, mindful person, her swooping descenders show a flair and exuberance that indicate an appetitive person, someone given to emotional excess and sexual interest.  Her hard-inked words indicate a forceful, no shilly-shallying personality who wants to be understood, without any doubt of what she wants.

She does not appear as tentative as her W.H. mate does in his wavering, weak, tentative pennings, for which we're not quite sure we're grateful, because neither person in the people's House is ideal, as the first fortnight regrettably demonstrates in spades.

This pairing has not brought about anything remotely like "unity," although it is true that Kamala Harris, the unliked first candidate to drop out of the presidential sweepstakes, has never made that great a declaration about unity, either for or against, though Ms. Harris's announcement on the Colbert program over a year ago did seem to support the continuation of violence and rioting in our major cities, which, she announced with careful enunciation to a shocked audience, "will continue, even after the election."  "And they should," she ended ominously, putting to nuanced rest any thought that she might be in favor of riot cessation and the turbulence, arson, maiming, and destruction these her supporters were "parenting" in city after city, some hundreds of such violent explosions in one year, unstoppered by any Democrat, unstemmed by Ms. Harris.

 In fact, Ms Harris was on record raising millions to bail out the functionally terroristic brutes of BLM and unstopped fascistic Antifa.  For the small businesses razed, burnt to the ground, perhaps never to rebuild, she had not a syllable of empathy or remorse.

Not really a recommendation for sympathetic next-but-one country leader. 

Her signature, however, indicates a wild sense of her own privilege, inimitable value, and ego.

In her regular script, though, her initial "K" is beyond histrionic, swelling and swooping all over the page, bearing little resemblance to the lessons taught in grade school on how to formulate a capital "K" or, for that matter, the letter "H."

If you did not know initially that her name is Kamala, you would not be able to discern in fact what her name was, since it in no way resembles a "K."  In that it reveals a proclivity for drama, as the woman does in real life; it demonstrates that this is an overweening ambitious person.  The residual "H" is also indecipherable, as the writer clearly has a well developed sense of who cares what you think? in her critically important signature.

She is unwilling to relinquish her place on the paper, as evidenced by her peculiar scrawled "H" — or whatever that line drawing represents.  The final touch is the strongly aggressive dot or smudged point as the act of aggressive finish.

The body of her script, however, shows someone with firm grip on her wants and wishes.  She does not drift from the center line, neither above nor below, in the grouping of her letters.

In her "f" formations, moreover, we see the makings of a writer, as she forms figure eights with each "f" formed.  As she underlines, crowds words together in notes, she indicates opportunism, parsimony, a willingness to skip steps and make things easier for herself, not something most people would argue with, incidentally, but also not something all persons manifest so obviously in their writing.

Her "t" crossings show a relatively balanced ego (contrasting with her actual signature) but show a tendency to dictatorial behavior.  Many of her "t" crossings have barely any tail to the left, and much firm extension to the right.  A bit of pushiness, dictatorial impulse.

In that her letters are smoothly formed, she shows a healthy physiognomy as reflected in the arches and garlands of her words.  On the other hand, her margins are niggardly to left, a little better to right, indicating she is limited in her generosity instincts.  Spaces between words are larger than usual, showing that Kamala's thought processes are orderly but not blizzard-fast.  Her straight up-and-down slant gives us the telltale that she is not overly emotional, takes herself as independent, not given to bending over backwards in circumstances others might yield.

All in all, she does not appear to be a psychopath, which is one worry people could entertain in observing her ambition.  She seems stable on the whole, though a drama queen in the clinch, shown by her assertive, no-holds-barred signature flourishes.

Would she be the ideal choice for president, should anything happen to the current disturbing White house occupant?

Not really.

But then, neither would we have selected the octogenarian-manque occupant, himself, based on his handwriting — and dictatorial behavior and orders since his heedless ascent to the people's House in January 2021.

And hearkening back to Obama's space-cadet egotistical hand, we see how that egotist worked out, just as his clarion cursive suggested would be the case.

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