Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets all treacly

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going big these days for the sympathy play in the name of Getting Her Political Opponents.

See, she's a victim of sexual assault.  And she's mad at people who say she "should move on" from the utterly unrelated Capitol riot instead of dwell on it.  She'd like you to know she couldn't possibly move on, at least not until the last Republican is jailed.  And with fresh makeup on, she giggled, laughed, waved, and smiled merrily as she explained it.


Now, although she hasn't made any political hay in the past about her claims to sexual assault, it's possible that it did happen.

What's strange here is that she brings up the totally unrelated Capitol riot of Jan. 6, and since she has these therapeutic needs she's oversharing with us, Congress should apparently shut down (to enable Joe Biden to govern exclusively by executive order, perhaps), and, as she says, she wants to "hold accountable" every Republican, particularly Sen. Ted Cruz, whose reasoned arguments and popular base of his own seem to bother her mightily.

It's amazing how she's obsessing over Cruz.  It's almost as if she has a secret crush.  Earlier, she argued that Cruz, who had absolutely nothing to do with the assault on the Capitol, tried to "murder" her.  Out of all the Republicans out there, she's really nuts in some strange way about Cruz.

It's politics, for sure, this selective outrage cloaked in her claimed need for therapy.

After all, while Republicans are her target in this treacly, weepy moral wreck she's claiming of herself (smiling and giggling on Instagram), she gets kind of selective when her political allies of varying stripes turn out to have had some truck with real sexual harassment.

Where are her outrage and trauma when the subject of Tara Reade and her allegations of sexual assault, from Joe Biden, no less, come up?  Reade, incidentally, like Ocasio-Cortez, was a Bernie Sanders–supporter.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  But while it's hard to prove a negative, I've checked around and don't see any defense of Reade or demand to punish Groper Joe based on the PTSD trauma he should have caused her.

I couldn't find anything, either, from her on the topic of Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver, who allegedly solicited 21 young men and boys.  That's some real sexual harassment.  But the only thing she's on record for faulting the Lincoln Project for is being "scam territory," by taking in $67 million in mostly Democrat donations and not producing a single Republican voter for the Dems.  That's what got her to speak out.  As for Weaver, as of this writing, so far, silence.

Here's another one on sexual trauma and moving on that we don't hear a thing about from the much-traumatized Ocasio-Cortez: Vice President Kamala Harris had a top aide working for her while doing sex harassment on the office assistant, demanding that she crawl under his desk to fix his computer so he could see her underwear, triggering a lawsuit that led the state of California to make a $400,000 payout.  After that, he landed on his feet in Contra Costa County, showing the extent to which sexual harassment is rewarded by powerful Democrats somewhere.  Funny how that didn't apparently traumatize Ocasio-Cortez.  Perhaps that's because Harris is a Democrat.  Seems it was easy for all of them to move on.

What we have here is an amazing amount of narcissism, a lot of selective outrage, and someone who overshares to demonstrate to us she's actually a mess.  Above all, this is about using personal problems for political gain.  Does this sound like someone up to the job of being in Congress?

Image: Screen shot from shareable Instagram video.

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