With Biden’s inauguration, the ‘JV team’ reemerges in Iraq

Barack Obama famously, fatuously, and erroneously dismissed ISIS as a “JV team.” Within a short time, that JV team had wreaked a path of extraordinary destruction across the Middle East. Trump squashed ISIS but Biden had barely set foot in the White House before ISIS violently reemerged in Iraq.

Here’s a super-quick and superficial rundown of events in Iraq. After 9/11, George W. Bush and his team got the bright idea that if we just brought American-style democracy to the Middle East, starting with Iraq (the war Dubya’s father left unfinished), the world would be at peace. Dubya hadn’t counted on two things: (1) Violent, Muslim tribal cultures don’t necessarily embrace democracy, and (2) leftists were determined to ensure that Bush lost the war.

After the expenditure of much American blood and gold, the U.S. did finally achieve some sort of stability in Iraq. It even had a decent election, complete with myriad safeguards against fraud. Most Americans assumed that the U.S. would stay in Iraq, as it stayed in Germany and Japan, for a generation or two so that the Iraqis, like the Jews whom Moses led out of Egypt, could learn to be free.

One of Obama’s first acts as president was to pull American troops out of Iraq. ISIS and Iran both stepped in to fill the void.

When ISIS first appeared, Obama dismissed it as the “JV team.” As even ABC was forced to concede, within two years, ISIS went from a small, easy-to-defeat band of religious fanatics to a giant caliphate that controlled vast territories, slaughtered tens of thousands of people, kidnapped thousands of women as sex slaves, and initiated terrorist acts all over the Middle East and the West.

When Trump entered office, he did two things: First, he used a list the Obama administration had compiled of terrorist-sponsoring nations to issue an Executive Order barring citizens of those nations from entering the U.S. Not so coincidentally, most of these nations were Muslim. Sane people were grateful that Trump had stopped importing terrorists.

Democrats insisted it was an anti-Muslim initiative and therefore racist (although Islam is not a race) and, of course, evil. They fought against it viciously and Trump, who always worked within the law, had to make several tries before he was able to get a version in place that would stick.

Second, Trump waged war against ISIS. He conducted this war in a way that Americans hadn’t seen since 1945: He fought to win – and win he did. Although Trump was unable to eradicate the ISIS ideology that had infiltrated the West because of uncontrolled immigration and the failure to assimilate, he did destroy the geographical “caliphate” in the Middle East.

On his first day in office, Joe Biden issued an Executive Order reversing the ban that Trump had placed on admitting people from nations known to sponsor terrorists. Sane people worry that America is now a more dangerous place. Democrats are ecstatic.

On Biden’s second day in office – and for the first time in years – ISIS detonated two massive and deadly suicide/murder bombs in Baghdad:

Twin suicide bombings at a Baghdad market killed at least 32 people and injured 110 others on Thursday, according to Iraq's health ministry. Of the injured, 36 are being treated in hospitals.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

Two suicide bombers detonated their vests when security forces pursued them through a busy market off Tayaran Square. Witnesses said the first cried out he was ill, causing a crowd to form around him in a street off the main square. He then detonated the bomb he wore.

People fled toward Tayaran Square, Abdulkareem said. Police and an ambulance arrived. Then the second bomber detonated next to the ambulance as people gathered near the dead and wounded from the first blast.

This explosion killed dozens of people, including vendors, who sold items such as old bluejeans, tea and cellphone accessories.

Osama bin Laden (whom Biden now denies he was afraid to kill) said that “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.” Bin Laden was speaking, of course, of Muslim Arabs, who are a hierarchical, not a democratic people, a reality stretching back thousands of years to the time of Mohamed. Even if they don’t like the strong horse, they will respect it.

In Trump, America had a strong horse, willing to fight to defend his people. With him gone, terrorists around the world are know that with Biden in the White House, not only did America lose her strong horse, she also doesn’t have a weak horse. Instead, she has a tired old donkey.

IMAGE: Suicide bomb in Iraq. YouTube screengrab.

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