Donald Trump and Richard Jewell: Victims of FBI and Media Witch Hunts

The series Manhunt, Deadly Games is streaming on Netflix.  It tells the story of Richard Jewell, the security guard falsely accused of being the Olympic Park bomber in Atlanta, 1996.  Clint Eastwood made a film about Jewell, too, which was quite good.  But the series is better.  It consists of ten episodes that carefully expose how the FBI and the media developed a narrative that fit their version of the facts… and then they stuck to it.  

When new information, other facts that exonerated Jewell were revealed, the FBI and the media steadfastly refused to consider them.  Sound familiar?  Russia hoax?

At Olympic Park in Atlanta in 1996, Richard Jewell was employed as a security guard.  He’d always wanted to be a policeman, but a security guard was what he was at the time and he took the job seriously.  He’d been trained to be on the lookout for unattended packages or backpacks, so when he saw one, he reported it.  

His superiors were not inclined to take him seriously but he was insistent, so they humored him.  The bomb tech confirmed his suspicions, people were quickly cleared from the area, most but not all.  The bomb went off; one woman was killed, many were injured but Jewell had saved countless lives.  

He was momentarily a hero but three days later an FBI profiler suggested that Jewell could be the “hero/bomber,” a nutcase who planted the bomb in order to become a hero.  The FBI liked this theory, and so did an aggressive reporter at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Kathy Scruggs.  She put it out in her paper, the national media took the bait and Jewell’s life was destroyed.  

Think of Nick Sandmann, the young man the media decided to skewer as arrogant and smug because he remained calm in the face of some pretty combative harassment.  The media, print and electronic, were vicious.  They meant to destroy the life of the sixteen-year-old who had attended a pro-life march with his Catholic school class and they nearly did.  Sandmann eventually won the defamation cases filed against news outlets that had eviscerated him in the media.  Jewell, too, won a defamation case, but he died of diabetes in his forties. 

The deadliest campaign to destroy a man in recent history is, of course, the left’s unrelenting campaign to ruin Donald Trump, before, during and apparently after his term in office, his second term, in my opinion, having been blatantly stolen by the swamp establishment that had vowed in 2016 to subvert his re-election by any means necessary.  

In Trump’s case, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, the Clintons, Obamas and the machine of the deep state all colluded to destroy one man.  They fear Trump like they’ve never feared anyone before. They still do, which is why they are maniacally trying to find a way to prevent him from ever running for office again.  They want to cancel him.  

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et. al. have all banned him in the most blatant act of censorship ever attempted in America; the media and the Democrats mightily approve of this naked suppression of free speech, raising not a whimper of protest.  Twitter has shadow-banned conservatives for years.  In the past few weeks, though, they’ve de-platformed manyaccounts of people whose views they deem offensive – conservatives.  Ayatollah Khomeni’s calls to destroy Israel seems to be fine with Twitter; conservative ideas are not.

The left has chafed under the Constitution for ages; now they’ve thoroughly abrogated it.  They, the media and the left, are now out of the closet calling for all conservative voices to be silenced.  They are likely encouraged by the ease with which so many Americans have given up so many of their essential freedoms because of a virus.  These wanna-be Stalinists seem to assume they have carte blanche to transform the United States into a totalitarian regime almost overnight.   

The saddest, most frightening aspect to all that has happened is that our once-respected institutions -- the FBI, DOJ, CIA -- have all been co-opted by the Alinskyite left.  They are all on the wrong side of right now.  They are all on the side of the ruling class, fearful of losing their places within it.  The men and women of the swamp serve themselves, not the people who elected them.  This is true of too many weak-kneed Republicans, as well, who think nothing of stabbing Trump in the back on his way out of office.  Congress is shot through with members of the GOP who think they can dispense with those 75 million Trump voters with a Pelosi-ite flick of their wrist.  Not going to happen. 

Watching the series about Richard Jewell is a timely reminder of just how long the media and our law enforcement agencies have been monuments unto themselves, not to the people they are meant to serve or to the law.  What they did to President Trump over the four years he served in office was sheer treachery; illegal, unconstitutional and depraved. And they are not finished.  

Not satisfied to have impeached him once for nothing, they think they can do it again after he leaves office.  Trump is the Richard Jewell of presidents, relentlessly pursued with undeserved venom.   Jewell was cleared when a bomb expert from the ATF proved he could not have been the perpetrator.   The FBI relinquished him as a suspect four months after the bombing, but many people still saw him as guilty. The real bomber, Eric Rudolph, was finally caught in 2003 and confessed in 2005.  Not until then was Jewell acquitted by the public.  But to this day the Atlanta-Journal Constitution has never apologized for their part in Jewell’s virtual annihilation.  No one among the media who savaged Nick Sandmann ever apologized either.  The reporter who first gave life to the “Jewell-is-guilty-because-he-lives-with -his mother” theory died in 2001 at forty-two years of age.

We all know by now that the mainstream media are indeed enemies of the people.  They actually think, as talking head Mika Brzezinski once said, that it is “their job to tell us what to think.“  They have veritable contempt for conservatives and are openly discussing how to render us voiceless.  They want Fox News gone, OAN, Newsmax and conservative radio gone.  They even want to ban podcasts by conservatives.  

The Democrats seem to agree on this point.  Where are the voices standing up for free speech and open political dialogue? Trump and his millions of supporters so enrage the left, that they many would indict each and every one of us for wrongthink if they could.  

That may be what is coming.  Stalin and Mao got rid of their millions of undesirables (their deplorables) via show trials and genocide.  At the moment the left just cancels us, erases us from their social platforms in the hope we will simply go away.  Not a chance.  

“To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (copped) CC BY-SA 3.0 license