Will fortune favor the Democrats forever?

In times like these, historical events often serve as a reliable guide to help us interpret what we're experiencing.

The events at the Capitol on January 6 were certainly tumultuous and a harbinger of things to come.  The Democrats are nothing if not ruthless and opportunistic.  That they favor party and power far more than the national good is well established, with decades of behavior and actions as proof.  They see January 6 as nothing more than an opportunity to expand their power and diminish their political opponents.

The Democrats' very governing approach is one of pure cynicism and illustrates quite clearly that power and control are all they are really interested in.  For years, the Democrats have simply divided the electorate up into what they identify as victim groups.  The groups themselves may vary a bit from election cycle to election cycle, depending on the exact social winds that happen to be blowing at that particular time, but the pattern never varies:

  • Identify the victim groups du jour (women, blacks, Hispanics, transgenders, environmentalists, etc.).
  • Highlight the wrongful, damaging nature of their disadvantage.
  • Blame Republican policies or specific Republican politicians for the transgressions committed against them.
  • "Buy" the votes of these groups by proposing new taxpayer-funded government programs that will solve their problem.

Democrats are never really concerned with the country as a whole; instead, they continually select "winners" and "losers," adhering to distorted, counterproductive views of so-called social justice, racial quotas, diversity, and equality of outcome that run exactly counter to the merit-based, entrepreneurial, self-sufficient spirit on which this country was founded.  It doesn't matter to the Democrats that their taxpayer-funded solutions never work.  Their goal is to buy the votes, not to fix the problem.  Indeed, they need the problem to exist in perpetuity as justification for their actions.

Using the astonishingly laughable pretext that President Trump incited an insurrection with his remarks on January 6, the Democratic Party launched an all-out offensive against the conservative segment of American society.  The attack on the Capitol was the "breach in the conservative defensive line."  Once that occurred, the Democrats unleashed everything they had.  The liberal print and broadcast media and Big Tech/social media immediately dropped all pretense of objectivity.  President Trump's social accounts were canceled, several other conservatives were kicked off, and there were calls for the resignation of conservative lawmakers.  Nancy Pelosi fabricated a rushed impeachment in a transparent attempt to stain President Trump and cripple the Republican brand.  Facebook and Twitter censored any mention on their sites of voter fraud.  It's claimed that conservative radio hosts like Mark Levin, Jeff Kuhner, and Ben Shapiro were threatened with firing if they spoke of election fraud on their shows.

The Capitol riot was the breach the Democrats had been waiting for, and now they were pouring everything they had through the gap in an attempt to crush the enemy — the conservative segment of American society — once and for all. They are going all-out for permanent victory.

The Democrats will likely gain a lot of ground in the short run and inflict serious political and social harm.  But if history is any indication, what seems like a stunning advantage in the near term can devolve into a ruinous stalemate or defeat in the long run.  Oftentimes, the attackers will move too, far too fast and become dangerously vulnerable.

Today, things look grim for the conservative faction.  The Progressives appear to have a distinct advantage, and they are looking for the quick knockout.  Consider:

  • President Trump is permanently banned from social media.
  • All three branches of government are under Progressive control.
  • The vast majority of print, cable, and social media are solidly aligned with the Progressive movement.

There doesn't seem to be any way to stop the Democrats from conquering everything in their path.  The traditional capitalistic, merit-based America appears as if it will fall any moment.

Not so fast.  History is instructive.  Human nature begets overreach and unfounded arrogance.  The Allies smugly and dismissively felt that the war in Europe would be over by late fall or early winter of 1944.  But German resistance stiffened.  The Allies flopped with their ill conceived Operation Market Garden in Holland in September 1944, which was supposed to end the war quickly.  Shortly thereafter, the Germans unexpectedly launched a bold counterattack in the Ardennes in December 1944, a campaign that resulted in the greatest number of American casualties in the European war.  The Americans, with their overwhelming numerical superiority in manpower and equipment, eventually prevailed, but these two events were instrumental in prolonging the war by another eight months, at a cost of tens of thousands of additional casualties.

The landscape looks to be to the Democrats' advantage right now.  But unforeseen and unpredictable dangers await them.  Fortunes can and do shift dramatically and quickly.  The side that ignores that axiom does so at its peril.

Image via Pxhere.